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DATE: 6th DEC MAY 2014, START: 11:30, END:15:00

COURSE: Altrincham  (aka Alty) in Manchester

REVIEW:  History was made in 2 ways today as Abdus broke the psychological 100 barrier for the first time on a dragons course and all 3 Dragons broke their PB’s in the same match. But there is an explanation to this minor miracle in that we were playing off Winter Tee’s AND Winter Green’s thereby reducing the overall yardage of the course from the usual 5,974 yards to around the 5,500 yard mark. Having said that putting was much more difficult although it made no difference to Abdus/Faisal as they sometimes putt 100 yards off the green on a hot summer’s day anyway ! – so they both had a distinct advantage over the Tiger who uses the PROPER club (pitcher)  for the job in hand.  Two classic and memorable moments were – Abdus Tee-ing off with his putter on the 13th !! And again Abdus declaring “it’s all over I’m out .. Practice mode”… on the first Tee before the ball actually landed !!.  In the end a classic match and we continue to play as the Indian
Summer continues.

2011-2013 PB’s : KK 107, Abdus 111, Faisal 115, Abu 130

2014 Season PB’s : KK 102, ADUS,  93 and FAISAL 106

Front  9: KHALID 58, ABDUS 52, FAIS 56
Back  9: KHALID 44, ABDUS 41, FAIS 50

Comments: Abdus 6 Pars, Khalid 2 Pars and Faisal 1 Birdie….All players beat previous PB’s due primarily to reduced yardage… KK dropped 5 shots. Abdus dropped 18 shots and Faisal dropped 9 shots

TIGER KHAN is currently the 2014 DON at 5 courses: FAIRY – 123, STAND – 116, TEMPY (LI) – 116, TEMPY(LD) – 110,  HOULDSY – 114,

EAGLE MAMUN is currently 2014 DON at  5 courses: ALTY – 93, HEATY – 114, BROOKY – 112, DUXY 107 and WALTY – 107

TURKEY MATLOOB is currently 2014 DON at 1 course: DIDDY – 110

Practice Courses:-

TIGER KHAN is currently the 2014 DON at 4 courses: BRANDY – 106, BIG WILLY’s – 99, HAWKY (18) – 82 and MARLY – 101

TURKEY MATLOOB is currently the 2014 DON at 1 course: HAWKY (9) – 54

Platinum 80-89, Golden 90-99, Silver 100-109, Bronze 110-119, Copper 120-129, Tati 130-139, Diarrhoea 140-180+

Cut-and-paste the links below to view of Overview, Matches played and the official scorecard and Vids:-

Scorecard Link:

Spreadsheet Stats:

Videos Links:


Tiger Khan

Some thoughts on the current massacre in Gaza by the inhumane Zionist state of Israel .. while the world sadly looks quietly on ….

These words to me, sum up one overriding conclusion, this is deliberate, open, mass Genocide of the Palestinian people (may Allah have mercy on us all).
The Palestinians population has diminished dramatically since the occupation and consistent FORCED exodus from their homes.

Food and crops destroyed, humanitarian aid confiscated. All this has an impact on any healthy population growth for any society. I think if someone was to do a statistical analysis of a normal population growth against actual Palestinian population growth residing on their territories, I dare say the results might be startling.

Could it be as crude as, the less people the less land they need! Whilst Israel persistently gorgeous on the occupied land, selling goods grown on Palestinian soil. ALL illegally in outright violation of UN resolutions whilst the UN and the rest of the Civilised world turn a blind eye to the present day carpet bombing. Leaving defenseless citizens to face HEAVILY armed Tanks and zealous Zionist Soldiers, to oust Terrorists?….

We all know a Muslims our greatest weapon is duah. Make it count for the Palestinian.
I agree with the brothers sentiments, more needs to be done. Time to ask the right questions, because all our world leaders have failed humanity this Ramadan… Shame on all Arab nations for not making their voices heard.

I seek forgiveness from Allah SWT for any unintentional offence I may have made in this email.

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——– Original message ——–

Peace to you,

Once again Gaza is here. It returns with almost the same frequency as Ramadan. This time it has returned in Ramadan with a consummate ease. Is it conspiratorial for me to say “deliberate”?. Since 2009 this is the 4th attack on the hapless civilian population which, in the words of David Cameron, is living in the world’s biggest prison camp. What he failed to say was that the Gaza prison camp is different. Why? Because it has babies, children, women and men vast majority of whom have committed NO crime. These prisoners are INNOCENT. Yes, Gaza is Impoverished, helpless and desolate prison which is being bombed from air and sea by one of the most brutal regime on the planet. No other prison camp on earth is subject to the same fate.

No doubt once again charity dinners will be held for the poor people of Gaza to raise funds – in lavish surroundings with magnificent food and usual stories of the atrocities which you don’t need to be see at the dinner table. These are on your TV screens on a daily basis. For me the the notion of filling my belly in the wake of human atrocities is no longer an attractive proposition. But do go along and attend as it will help the cause. But this time ask the organisers to be different – a lot different and do more than just raise money, or show bombed homes or bloody bodies. Ask them to go a bit further, starting with less food and wastage.

Secondly, I happen to believe Gaza and Palestine in general is no longer an issue of money. It is about saving lives for the longer term, it is about saving their infrastructure so next year or the year after it does not face the same fate again. Get up and make a speech, be brave, voice your concerns at the continuous onslaught. Look to obtain a long term solution from your ‘leaders’, demand it. Cheering and clapping at final total should NOT be the focal point.

The focal point is long term JUSTICE for the people of Palestine. Be brave and express you views and condemn those who are committing the most heinous crimes on humanity. Lastly, don’t make this a Muslim issue, there are plenty of non-Muslims who feel the same pain as you and me. Make them aware and present Islam as a shining light for all humanity.


Bismillah hirrahman niraheem
“Your time should not be without any structure, such that you occupy yourself arbitrarily with whatever comes along. Rather, you must take account of yourself and order your worship during the day and the night, assigning to each period of time an activity that must not be neglected nor replaced by another activity. By this ordering of time, the blessing in time will show itself. A person who leaves himself without a plan as animals do, not knowing what he is to do an any given moment, will spend most of his time fruitlessly. Your time is your life, and your life is your capital: by it you make your trade, and by it you will reach the eternal bounties in the proximity of Allah. Every single breath of yours is a priceless jewel, because it is irreplaceable; once it is gone, there is no return for it. So do not be like fools who rejoice each day as their wealth increases while their lives decrease. What good is there in wealth that increases while one’s lifespan decreases? Do not rejoice except in an increase of knowledge or an increase of good works. Truly they are your two friends who will accompany you in your grave, when your spouse, your wealth, your children, and your friends will remain behind.”
— Imam al-Ghazali

When you teach the Deen, you have to warn against that which opposes it:

1) When you teach Tawheed, you have to warn against shirk and its different types.

2) When you teach the Sunnah, you have to warn against Bid`ah and its different ways.

3) When you teach the Haqq (Truth), you have to warn against the Baatil (falsehood) and its different forms.

If you don’t, then you might just end up wasting your time. How can people know the truth from the falsehood if you don’t make it clear to them? When we say the Shahaadah, لا إله إلا الله, we are first taught to negate the worship of every other “god” besides Allaah, and then we are to affirm the worship only for Allaah alone.

Narrated Hudhaifah bin Al-Yamaan رضي الله عنه: “The people used to ask Allaah’s Messenger (ﷺ) about good, but I used to ask him about evil FOR FEAR THAT IT MIGHT OVERTAKE ME.” [Saheehain] This is Hudhaifah bin Al-Yamaan رضي الله عنه with whom the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم trusted his secrets but he feared for himself that he might fall into the Fitnah.

If warning against evil was not necessary, the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم would not have felt the need to answer his questions. If the Sahaabah felt the need to have their doubts clarified, then what about us? And Allaah is the One who grants success.

A beautiful reminder I  would like to share with you:

Today I come to you with a very simple act…… an action which we do every day……

I noticed many of us go to Rukuu or Sujoud and raise up so fast, some don’t even take the time to say “Subhana Rabi Al Adheem” 3 times…and say it only once!!!!

Well, I have good news for you today…… I have news that will make you from today onwards go to Rukuu or Sujoud with a different feeling and different  timing.

The Prophet PBUH said: When a slave stands and prays, all his sins are brought and placed on his head and shoulders. Every time he bows or prostrates, some of them fall from him.” (Bayhaqi, Saheeh al-Jami’)

So from now on when you stand up to pray, imagine all your sins being placed on your head and shoulders and when you go on Rukuu and Sujoud, stay longer to lose as many as you can and picture them falling down and away from you. Understand the purpose of praying… this will help you concentrate …..

When you go to the position of Rukuu, feel and tell Allah with your heart that you will never kneel to anyone but him and picture those sins falling down.

And when you say “Sami’Allahu liman hamidah” (Allah hears who thanks Him) and you say “Rabbana walakal Hamd” (Thanks to you my Lord) you are thanking Him for honoring you and making you stand straight not like the other creatures who walk on four with their back bent. Thank Him for making you able to move and pray.

When you go to the first Sajdah (you put your head down on the floor) you are representing the earth which you came from and when you get up after the first Sajdah you are representing the first time He created you from the earth. 

When you go on the second Sajdah again on the ground, you are representing when you die and you go back to the ground and when you get up the second time you are representing the second time when Allah brings you back from the dead on the Day of Judgment, therefore, concentrate with every movement and feel it.

Make a lot of du’aa in Sujoud and remember du’aa is ibadah and Allah loves those who ask Him…ask Him and beg Him… complain to Him… you are better off complaining to Him than to humans….He will never betray you, He will never let you down, He will never look down on you and He is the only one who can answer your needs with your head held high.

Do you know the reason you say “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is greater) every time you move in a prayer?

It’s a reminder that Allah is greater than anything you might be thinking about from this world. So be honest when you say “Allahu Akbar” and remember He is greater than anything that is occupying your mind while you pray.

Do you know when you stand up to pray and say “Allahu Akbar”, Allah stands before you and the minute your mind goes wondering on silly things in this life, Allah turns His face away from you and says (Is there something better than me taking you away from me?) 

How lucky are we to have Allah meet us and stand before us 5 times a day, to listen to us and to our problems and to grant us our wishes and forgives us for our sins every day. You say “Allahu Akbar and He is there, you don’t need to stand in front of His door for hours or take an appointment or meet a mediator or a secretary, how generous is He?

Hopefully we will all from today pray differently and enjoy our prayers like  never before In shaa Allah. Yaa Allah taqabbal salaatana… Ameen.

People get so attached to this world… either they work there socks of for a Haram Mortgage or home bought out right …

We need to always remember, everything will remain, when our time is up …

The only thing we will take with us is our Deeds InshAllah.

Ponder on this thought.

Working hard for the hereafter should be the focal point in every ones life. Neglecting the hereafter and working hard for this life, is the foolish mans downfall.

Allah is the True Owner (Malik) (of everything and everyone).

Why are we stressing?

Why do we work so hard for Dunya, when dunya is impossible to keep?

How foolish is man who works tirelessly and endlessly, in trying to gain that which is temporary.

Yet he puts absolutely no effort, in to that which is eternal and everlasting.
- Ali (Ra)

Allaah (subhana wa ta’ala) says in His Quran :

Know that this Dunya, this worldly life is nothing but play and amusement and nothing but beauty; and boasting between men and rivalry in wealth and children.

- Surat Al-Hadid Vs 20

In this Ayah Allaah (subhana wa ta’ala) tells us about the attributes of this world, attributes which many of us fail to recognize.

His is the dominion of the heavens and earth. He gives life and causes death, and He is over all things competent.

- Surat Al-Hadid Vs 2

No ones promised old age, start stacking today for something that will actually benefit you when you die.. Houses will go to someone after you, people will drive your cars after you, your money will get used by others left after you, those individuals your trying to impress will find someone else after you and not even the photos and precious memories from the parties/gatherings will go with you!

“Know you (all), that the life of this world is but play and amusement…” Qur’an 57:20

“And We created not the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them in play.” Qur’an 44:38

“And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” Qur’an 51:56.

What a difference in the Ummat Dubai prepares 400,000  fireworks for display ready for  New Years 100 Km in length  While Turkey prepares 400,000 blankets for the Syrians.

That’s why us Muslims are in such a mess….the leaders in Dubai are the lowest of the low..should be ashamed to be celebrating a non-Muslim event in such an extravagant fashion while 1000’s Muslims are in dire need..may Allah guide them. They are NOT following Islam in any way or form .. their time will come.. what goes round comes round.

As we all look forward to the coming year – watch this short message about the fragility of life as some of us may not be here to see 2014….Inna Lillahee wa Inaa Ilahee Ra’ageeoon (from Allah we come and to Allah we return)






Ever feel disconnected with Allah, feel down, feel depressed or think maybe Allah doesn’t love you anymore… feel like your duas are not being answered?? 

Watch this, Sheikh Tawfique gives a beautiful Tafsir of Surah Ad-Duha and shows how Allah loves us all and wants the best for us.

The greatest way to feel good in your heart about Allah is to read Surah ad-Dhuha and understanding its meaning.

A must watch lecture for anyone looking for an Imaan boost and appreciate the blessings of Allah in giving us all we have.. 

This is taken from the full lecture : Such was our Prophet (Peace be upon him) you can watch the full lecture here :…


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