super opening line by George “He (Bliar) always believed in the ‘profits’ rather than the ‘Prophets’ (peace be upon them)” 👍🏾👍🏾😂😂🤓🤓


Our hearts have been created in a way which makes them dominated by emotion. Sadness is perhaps one of its most powerful states, and the fact that we have so many different words for sadness which all cover different time periods that the heart will be sad, illustrates deeply how soft and sensitive our hearts are.

For example, we know three common words from the Sunnah that describes states of sadness i.e. huzn الحزن, hamm الهم, and ghamm الغم. The difference between them as Ibn al-Qayyim mentioned is that al-huzn refers to a depressed state because of something that happened in the past, al-ghamm is grieving about that which is happening now, and al-hamm is being anxious and worried about something that could happen in the future.

There are no time periods that exist other than the past, present and future. That shows the heart cannot escape being depressed, and we should treat those who are sad with the utmost of love and understanding who need help and support to change to a better state. Yes, it is in the nature of the heart to change, indeed that is why it’s called the Qalb.

Not being able to escape sadness in life doesn’t mean it cannot be treated when it occurs. Just remember though that trying to treat sadness with worldly comforts will always be deficient; true healing only comes from the Qur’an and being able to connect to it at that deeper level which makes you understand that sadness is a natural part of life that will raise you in this life and the next if you view it within its correct context, and not allow it to consume you.

That’s why the Prophet (s) would made du’a for the Qur’an to remove these states. The Qur’an. Anything else will just not cut it. The Qur’an was made to remove sadness, you just need to reflect on it more often, and deeper, for that to happen.


Excellent short video, puts life into perspective and to always count your blessings not knowing when you will take your last breath, Alhumdo Lillah (all praises to God !)




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Maverick politician George Galloway’s The Killing$ of Tony Blair is everything you would expect of an opinionated character assassination of a highly criticised former head of state.

Pants on fire
The Killing$ of Tony Blair

Politician George Galloway is notorious for his outspoken views particularly relating to the Middle East. Starting in 2013, he instigated this feature-length documentary about the former British prime minister Tony Blair, which was crowdfunded through Kickstarter and co-directed by film-makers Greg Ward and Sanne van den Bergh.

The Chilcot Report into the Iraq War published in July, the same month as the film is released, found that Blair had overstated the threat posed by Saddam Hussein, sent ill-prepared troops into battle and had “wholly inadequate” plans for the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Galloway, therefore is essentially kicking a man who is already (possibly though not conclusively) down. However, this accessible and well-made film makes excellent use of archive footage, high-profile, thought-provoking interviewees and it is wide ranging enough to cleverly flesh out the recent history even if it has no startlingly new information to add.

It starts arrestingly with news footage of the bombing of Baghdad intercut with Tony Blair’s speech on an Arabic television channel, where his fine words are effectively undercut by the reality of what is happening on the ground. Galloway campaigned against the Iraq War and he appears sombrely dressed and wearing his trademark fedora to present the film and open our eyes to “the bleeding obvious”. He makes an attempted doorstepping of Tony Blair’s office in Michael Moore mode but other than that diversion, his commentary is sharp, well written and delivered and always to the point. In his words, Blair masterminded three ‘killings’: he killed thousands in Iraq; he killed the Labour Party; and he continues to make a killing in his post-Prime Ministerial life as a globetrotting speaker and political consultant.

Insightful interviewees include Tory Cabinet member David Davis, author Will Self, former Labour minister Clare Short, lawyer Michael Mansfield and even Cherie Blair’s half-sister Lauren Booth, now a Muslim convert and possibly Blair’s harshest and most personal critic.

The film covers a lot of ground. Starting with Blair’s seemingly irresistible charm – his “fake sincerity” in Galloway’s analysis – in his role as newly elected prime minister, it goes on to accuse him of being complicit in the overthrow of governments in Kazakhstan, Egypt and Afghanistan. His role was most overt in Iraq in conjunction with US President George Bush, and involved the now officially discredited assertions about Saddam Hussein’s possession of weapons of mass destruction – or “weapons of mass deception” as Galloway calls them. Blair’s involvement in regime change by starting an illegal war of aggression is a crime in international law that qualifies him as a war criminal, Galloway alleges, thus making him vulnerable to citizen’s arrest should he be so foolhardy as to walk down a street without his bodyguards. Along the way, the film looks at his relationship with media tycoon Rupert Murdoch (and his then wife).

It goes on to examine Blair’s business interests post-premiership in Kuwait, Libya and their connection with his bank JP Morgan, the absurdity of his appointment as Middle East peace envoy and what Galloway calls his “damning legacy” in the Middle East, which he says spawned Isis and planted the seeds of terrorism. Amongst other things, Galloway characterises Blair as being “enchanted by money”, fuelled by greed and piggy-backing on conflict for personal again.

It’s an immensely watchable, if totally one-sided, documentary. Presumably it’s all been thoroughly vetted by lawyers before it saw the light of day and so George Galloway’s accusatory brio will be unstoppable.


i agree 100% with this brother we all need to be fully practicing ourselves and ensure family members are too before looking at others and dawah is imperative especially now !


George Galloway (@georgegalloway)

The Killing$ of Tony Blair. In cinemas 27th July @TheBlairDoc pic.twitter.com/j0LnK19WBP


Source: Pew Research Center Recent killings in Paris as well as the arrival of hundreds of thousands of mostly Muslim refugees in Europe have drawn renewed attention to the continent’s Muslim popul…

Source: 5 facts about the Muslim population in Europe


Being a Muslim means following the religion , we cannot judge only god can judge, but what kind of Muslim does what is made unlawful and still claims to be a Muslim. the lorry driver was as far from religion as he could be, so how come he represents our views. they need to have a code of conduct that all imams should pass and regularly be assessed before they are allowed to preach at any mosque. there also needs to be a bigger deterrent, for those who carry out these crimes, bombing in Syria is not the answer, that just helps with their recruitment campaign.


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