Terms such as ‘Collateral damage’ are designed to replace horrendous images of death and atrocities with images of something very different.
Collateral damage (dead or wounded civilians),
Kinetic activity (shooting and bombing),
Compounds (homes)
Extraordinary rendition (kidnapping and torture by states)






When Shaker Aamer is free from Guantánamo the slurs will start


1. Increase dhikr (remembrance of Allah): “Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah: for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction (Qur’an, 13:28).”

2. Increase prayers: “O you who believe! Seek assistance through patience and prayer; surely, Allah is with the patient (Qur’an, 2:153).” Regardless of the type of meditation, recent studies have verified the physiological effects of meditation. Most of those mediations consist in focusing on something, repeating some words and breathing (Greenberg, p.142, 143).

3. Perform ablutions: The most important component of relaxation is what Hans Loehr calls “the rituals of success.” These rituals may be as simple as making ablution; yet, they must be performed properly for it is not enough to pass water on the body parts – those parts must be massed.

4. Ask for forgiveness : A person must ensure that he asks forgiveness from Allah. “Then I said, ‘Ask forgiveness of your Lord; surely, He is the most Forgiving'” (Qur’an, 71:10).

5. Recite the Qur’an: The Prophet (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasalaam) said, ” Qur’an is a remedy for illnesses of the mind” (Bukhari). “The echo of sound has a medical effect and is now widely utilized,” says Dr. Greenberg. “The recitation of or listening to the Qur’an has an effect on the body, the heart and the mind! It is said that the letter Alif echoes to the heart and the letter Ya’ to the pineal gland in the brain.

Dr Ahmed El Kadi of Akber Clinic (Panama City, FL) conducted and published the effects of listening to Qur’anic recitation on physiological parameters ( i.e., the heart, blood pressure, and muscle tension), and reported improvement in all factors, irrespective of whether the listener was a Muslim or a non-Muslim, Arab or non-Arab. Obviously, it can be postulated that those who understand and enjoy the recitation with a belief in it will get maximum benefits,” writes Dr Athar.

6. Make the hereafter one’s main concern: “Whoever has the hereafter as his main concern, Allah will fill his heart with a feeling of richness and independence; he will be focused and feel content, and this world will come to him in spite of it. Whoever has this world as his main concern, Allah will cause him to feel constant fear of poverty; he will be distracted and unfocused, and he will have nothing of this world except what was already predestined for him,” said the Prophet (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasalaam). One of the greatest causes of stress is money – how to pay the loans, whether one’s job will be lost, what will happen to the family if the father dies, etc.

7. Think positively: Muslims should forget about the bad things of the past and think of good things, always having hope that he can be better. Trying to change the past is a foolish and crazy waste of time, “for saying ‘if only’ opens the way to Shaytan” said the Prophet (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasalaam)(Bukhari). The Prophet (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasalaam) also said, ” Know that victory (achievement) comes through patience, and that ease comes through hardship.”(Tirmidhi). Muslims understand that there’s no reason for panic in the case of crisis – no reason to be distressed or worried for we know that after hardship come ease!

8. Do not waste time on thoughts of fear or stress: “The search of time is one of the most frequent causes of stress” (Seyle, p.102). Laziness is the mother of all evils, and the Prophet (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasalaam) used to seek refuge in Allah from it. Understanding that this life is short and time precious, Muslims should try to work hard and pursue worthy knowledge.
(References Athar, Shahid, MD. “Modern Stress and Its Cure From Qur’an.”
Greenberg, Jerrold S. CSM = Comprehensive Stress Management. WCB: McGraw-Hill. 1999 Courtesy: www.everymuslim.net)

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Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. Albert Einstein


As salaamu alaykum Khalid khan,

Yesterday, we talked about a money slave. It’s not hard to think of examples from the money slave category, right?

But have you ever met a money master?  What does that look like?

One story of a money master that sticks in my mind is about a shaykh who was doing da’wah in Russia.

He and his team were staying in a hotel when, one daythey had to go to another city to give a lecture.  The plan was to come back to the hotel the following day. The young brothers on the team, with their frugal student mentality suggested that they should check out of the hotel and take all their stuff with them to the other city.It would save them on the cost of one night’s stay at the hotel. Seeing how much hassle that would be, to pack up all their luggage again and lug all their equipment and books back and forth, the shaykh said no.

He said “If money doesn’t serve us in times like this, then what khayr is there in having money?”

I often think back to this story when I see myself holding back on spending money on something that would actually make my life easier — especially when it’s something I can easily afford. It’s hard to let go of that frugal student mentality. You see, whether we’re talking about increasing yourwealth or spending it, money is a massive mind game. Our relationship with money and the things we do that bring more of it into our lives or take it away from us — all start with our mentality towards it. And changing that mentality will change everything else.  It will change what you do, as well as what you have in your life (or don’t have) because of what you do.

– Muhammad Alshareef


From Contractor to Permy Again

Finally updated LinkedIn with my current role after 10 months !    https://uk.linkedin.com/in/sz3cv9

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Part 3 was a little different.  After taking care of stuff accumulated from your past in Part 1, and implementing a system in Part 2 to deal with the present, we want to look at the future on where you want to go next.

How would you like to spend your days? 
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– Muhammad Alshareef

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