The Sunnah way to get Married

A 1 minute extract of my wedding video.

Although we both work in the wedding industry, my wife and I personally did not want the ‘big shabang’ wedding. (No offence to anyone who does! This is just our personal opinion). We looked into the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) who said that the most blessed weddings are the ones that spend the least. Allah has made marriage / weddings so easy for us, yet our cultures and elders is what makes it so hard. Marriage is not just a big celebration, it is an act of worship towards our Lord.
So we decided to have our entire ceremony & reception segregated in a Masjid, a House of Allah. We thought about it a lot, imagine the reward you would get from Allah for bringing people together to pray Salaah? Every step they take to the masjid? To witness your marriage? To feed them at your reception under the roof of a Masjid? We still decided to have the pretty things like wonderful decor, a wedding stage and nice outfits etc. but we were reasonable with everything because being a Muslim means having a balance.

This video is also exciting for me because it is the launch of my Documentary Style Wedding Videos. I wanted to take a differen approach instead of your typical Desi style wedding videos, stopping and starting the Bride & Groom to the point where everything includes too much posing, becomes completely camera focused and the Bride & Groom don’t actually get to enjoy their day. My documentary wedding videos aim to have a more subtle approach and capture the real beauty of the day.

I hope you like this 1 minute extract and please keep us in your Du’ah’s! My wife and I will be launching our own wedding services very soon!


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