Common Marital & Intimacy Complaints – Yasir Qadhi

“Bedroom intimacy is the elephant in the room for many couples. If ignored, it grows into a major cause of marital tension or worse, divorce.
To help dispel the tension, I’ve released a FREE video series, ?#?OnTheRocks?: Common Marital & Intimacy Complaints:
4-Part Videos For Free Viewing:
1. It’s the # 1 Thing Husbands Complain About. Watch How YQ Shuts it Down**
2. What So Many Men Want to Know will SHOCK the Ladies. It Could Also End the Engagement.
3. It’s Hard to Believe There’s a Solution to the In-Laws Conundrum. It’s So Simple You’ll Cry.
4. How YQ Addresses This Common Bedroom Frustration, You’ll Want to Give Him a Standing Ovation.
**The first video is available for viewing right now.
I want to give you time to digest the material and be prepared for the next video in line.
I pray this effort will help relieve insecurities, clarify misconceptions, and above all else, provide practical steps to HALAL intimacy.
P.S. The video series is for both the married and single. Content discusses halal intimacy with responsible audiences in mind.


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