Eid madness on Wilmslow Rd (Rusholme) Manchester

Dearest Brothers and their sisters

Wilmslow Road doesn’t have mount safa and marwa at either end. Please refrain from going up and down it 7 times like you’re going to receive some kind of blessings from it.

On a serious note, every Eid we are faced with a heartbreaking story that someone has crashed their Car because they couldn’t handle the powerful engine or possibly because they were highly intoxicated Astagfirullah. Please, please please drive safely and maturely. A 60 second adrenaline rush could cause you a lifetime in the grave.

A message for the sisters too please stay safe and protect yourselves. Please refrain from dressing up like Priyanka Chopra all for the entertainment of Badman Naz and Umar Shotta from BD7. Only to find out that your on the next PK702 to marry Bashir from Jhelum whilst Umar Shotta is now checkin Bad gyal Natasha from Longsight.

Enjoy yourselves by all means but not at the cost of your Deen, your dignity or even your life. Enjoy your Eid safely whenever you celebrate In Sha Allah.

May Allah SWT carry on blessing and protecting us Ameen and may we all end Ramadan on a good note and feel we’ve achieved what we wanted to during this blessed month.
Ameen Ya Rabbil Alameen.


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