Muhammad Ali’s Secret to Success

Muhammad Ali, one of the world’s greatest boxers, sports personality; cultural icon and probably the most famous man on the planet will be acutely missed. May Allah (subhanahu wa taʿala) forgive his sins and raise him up among the righteous in Jannat-ul-Firdaus. Having followed his career since I was a little girl, staying up late […]

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Terror Alert

Terror Alert: Unwanted immigrants enter country, become violent and refuse to integrate with country’s “culture” and values. Oh’s England fans abroad !!

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Amina Khan is fundraising for a children’s home in India – please support her on JustGiving

My daughter Amina is fundraising for a children’s home in India in August. This home provides a safe and secure environment for abused, neglected, abandoned or orphaned children and teens. The home provides these children with education, food, essential healthcare and life skills. You can help Amina, raise money for this great cause by donating […]

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Mohammed Ali – Quotes

Subhanallah when atheletes die all ppl share their sporting moments. But Ali’s best moments were inspirational talks concerning Islam. Through Allah he reached greatness. He was more amazing for me outside the ring than inside. May Allah grant him what he always wished and worked for, Jannah (Heaven). No one can take away your individuality.” […]

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The Jihad of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali’s biggest fight outside of the boxing ring was in the arena of the U.S. Supreme Court, and the court’s 1971 decision is a huge part of his legacy. What is also very interesting is that his case at the Supreme Court was all about the concept of Jihad as we will come to […]

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