uneven media coverage and outrage between Belgium and Turkey bomb blasts

Already we can see the uneven media coverage and outrage between Belgium and Turkey bomb blasts.

We will see rolling news coverage, debate and analysis which will quickly morph into a debate of how to bomb and kill off Isis in Syria and Iraq (or generally Arab looking people in an obscure area of the Middle East). As though more bombings and death is the solution. Domestically arguments will be pushed to further monitor and discriminate against their immigrant/Muslim populations which again will only help feed individuals sense of isolation and alienation. Close the door off from further political asylum seekers for fear of getting undesirables etc.

Debate will further take place, “what’s within the Muslims and Islam that promotes such random acts of violence?”

Some will make it clear that Islam needs to change or that Muslims must give up their Deen or risk losing their citizenship (trumpesque type rhetoric)

Contrast this with the coverage over the Turkish bomb blasts. Conducted by secular nationalists (both concepts accepted by the west as legitimate), hence the framing of the discussion will never be about secular nationalism being the root problem. Even though they may disagree with the methods they would never disagree with the legitimacy of this secular nationalistic cause.

In fact western secular countries are not averse to killing civilians as we’ve seen throughout the recent wars (they don’t even bother to count civilian deaths.) Nor are they concerned about initiating organised violence to achieve their political ends.

The point is Muslims will be made to feel collectively responsible and under collective suspicion, yet with all the moralising of the west we can see how some lives matter to them more than others, some acts of violence are legitimate, and even some civilian deaths are acceptable so long as its perpetrated through their wars.

As a final point we will see how some scholars and groups will jump over themselves to apologise condemn and even echo the wests accusation that the problem is within be Muslims themselves.

Again we have nothing to apologise for nor should we feel defensive about a situation we have not created.

Yes we are fundamentally against random unislamic acts of violence that target innocent civilians. But the vast majority of those killed worldwide are done so for secular reasons not religious ones.

#selectiveoutrage #belgiumattacks


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