To all brothers and sisters ~ please send the next article to ALL your Indian acquaintances. May Allah reward you.

Today there are more than 600 millions Muslims lives in Indian Subcontinent. People of India converted to Islam because of its great message of equality. For example in Bengal more than 60 % Hindus converted to Islam because the caste system there had become totally inhuman. In the name of untouchability Dalits ( people of Indus Valley Civilisation ) face nearly 140 forms of work and descent – based discrimination at the hands of the dominant castes. Some of them are listed below

● Prohibited from eating with other caste members.
● Prohibited from marrying with other caste members.
● Segregation in seating and food arrangements in village functions and festivals.
● Prohibited from entering into village temples.
● Prohibited from wearing sandals or holding umbrellas in front of dominant caste members.
● Devadasi system – the ritualized temple prostitution of Dalit women.
● Prohibited from entering dominant caste homes.
● Prohibited from riding a bicycle inside the village.
● Prohibited from using the common village path.
● separate burial grounds.
● No access to village’s common/ public properties and resources ( wells, ponds, temples, etc. ).

In the words of Markenday Katju, Former Judge of Supreme Court of India ” If people are treated like dogs they will surely embrace a religion which treats them as human.”

Message of Equality is the main reason behind the spreading of Islam in the Indian subcontinent ( India, Pakistan and Bangladesh ).


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