Sun Poll – targeted discrimination against the Muslim community

I have complained to The Sun, you can read my [Complaint BELOW] and also the link to complain. Please use your voice!

I have created a shortened link to share if you need. It is

“Front page the sun, 23rd November. ‘1 in 5 Muslims sympathise with jihadis’

This was a clear breach of article 1 of the editors code:

” The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information”

1: The poll you commissioned did not mention the word ‘jihadi’.
(a) This term itself is misleading and inaccurate it has no real lexical meaning and is a term coined by journalists. It has no dictionary definition, ‘jihad’ is an Arabic word meaning to ‘struggle’ in all forms, including spiritual.
(b) this is inaccurate, misleading and distorted because the participants did not chose this option the results have been manipulated.

2: The poll you used asked if they were sympathetic to fighters in Syria
(a) there are many people travelling to Syria to fight AGAINST ISIS.(including British non Muslims whom you have glorified in your paper in the past.
(b)there are groups in Syria fighting which are supported by the UK government. Would you class these as ‘jihadi’
(c) this is misleading as the headline will lead readers to believe it is only sympathetic to ISIS not those fighting them nor the civilians caught up in the tragedy.

Your post reeks if targeted discrimination against the Muslim community using the backdrop of the Paris attacks to push this agenda. This is irresponsible journalism which will result in further hate crimes against Muslims.”


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