Attacks in Paris have nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with Western Foreign Policy

🔊 The attacks in Paris have nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with Western Foreign Policy

▪️ISIS have used Western foreign policy to justify their actions. They claimed that because Western powers are killing civilians in Iraq and Syria then they too can kill civilians in Paris and other western capitals.

▪️Obviously this doesn’t justify the unjust killings in Paris but the media consistently push Muslims into inadvertently arguing that Isis have done this in “Islam’s name”. And therefore we have to denounce it to “clear the name of Islam”. We don’t have to defend Islam nor attempt to apologise or condemn them so that we can demonstrate their interpretation of Islam is wrong.

▪️Not because we are condoning their actions but simply because their reasoning is built on reciprocity of the west not of Islam.

ℹ️ That was the same reasoning that Britain and Germany began targeting civilian cities with indiscriminate bombings of those cities in ww2.

ℹ️ Similarly that was the same argument america and Soviet Union used in order to justify targeting equivalent cities with nuclear strikes in the onset of nuclear war.

❗️Clearly there’s an attempt to decontextualise and whitewash their reasoning in order to tarnish all Muslims and push us into a corner of constant apology. As though targeting civilians is something unique to Muslims and motivated by Islam. Firstly it’s not and secondly Isis are using the same logic as the west.

🔉So brothers and sisters if u are invited in the media don’t play the apologetic argument that they’ve misinterpreted Islam, as the attacks in Paris have nothing to do Islam but everything to do with a hegemonic Western Foreign Policy.


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