100% Interest free Trading system

I went to a talk “Trade vs Riba: how to make halal money” recently. The speaker has started a 100% interest free system. Check thus website for info http://www.Buythatforme.com

buythatforme.com is a platform helping people reach simple agreements to buy things now and pay later free from the inherent injustices of interest charges.

f you have money to spare you can help others in need or if you want something use this site. He is a web developer too and made this site.

Usury and interest charges punish the poor, for being poor, by making them poorer.

Interest charges and usury are forms of punishing debtors by demanding compensation from them without the need to prove either fault or damage.

Interest charges are legally not a trade but are in fact compensation demanded by the creditor from a debtor for having failed to pay a debt which legally is already due.

Contact: admin@buythatforme.com  – Brother Lamaan Ball


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