The Eternal challenge – A journey through the miracluous Quran

A seventh century book challenged the world to produce something like it. However no one has met this challenge.

“If you have doubts about the revelation We have sent to Our servant, then produce a single chapter like it.” [Qur’an, Chapter 2, Verse 23]

Why? Because this is the only book that is linguistically unmatched, timelessly relevant, historically preserved, miraculous, unique and life changing.


It is the Holy Qur’an. The book that shook the world, and has affected your life in ways you don’t even know.

If you find these claims baseless or out of this world, but pride yourself with an open mind, then get ready to take a journey through the miraculous book.

We have published “The Eternal Challenge: A Journey Through The Miraculous Qur’an”. Written by Abu Zakariya, this new One Reason publication articulates why the Qur’an is from God and how it has transformed every society on earth.

“This is a scripture in which there is no doubt, containing guidance for those who are mindful of God.” [Qur’an, Chapter 2, Verse 2]

About The Author

abu-zAfter attaining a degree in Software Engineering, Abu Zakariya now works as an IT Consultant. He lives in the UK with his wife and three children. He has had a life long interest in comparative religion. Being born in Britain and influenced by his mixed heritage of Arab and European descent, he has had a strong focus on researching Islam and Christianity.

After many years of research, discussions and led by a desire to share his experiences in discussing Islam with people of all religious backgrounds, Abu Zakariya authored the popular comparative religion blog He has continued his intellectual and academic pursuits by formally studying and learning from academic scholars trained in Islamic thought and theology.


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