How to explain the Paris attack to non Muslims.

For those retuning to workplaces, universities etc tomorrow a few points to note. Please take as advice if you feel appropriate.

Remember you are part of the Ummah of Mohammad (saw). You are part of a dignified people who have 1400 years of dignity and honour. You have nothing to be ashamed or sorry about.

We must remember that it is an emotive time for Muslims and non-Muslims, and therefore we need to be sensitive and use appropriate language when discussing this issue. We must understand how they must view Muslims at times like these and not play into that stereotype.

1) There is no justification for the killing of innocents whether that be in Paris, Baghdad or Kabul. By ISIS or unmanned drones. Islam holds the protection of all human life as one of its highest goals. We should all feel sympathy for all those innocent people who die no matter whether this takes place in the west or the rest of the world.

2) The acts in Paris are a political fallout from years of colonial interference in the Muslim lands. From years of direct colonialism to the recent wars in Iraq and other countries this has resulted in destruction and terror, and power vacuums for groups like ISIS to fill. In fact France, prior to the attacks, have been bombing various targets in Iraq and Syria. This doesn’t justify the brutal murders in Paris but does help to explain the context and causes behind these attacks.

3) ISIS have usurped the idea of the Khilafah ( caliphate ) theirs is an illegitimate state . However the idea of a caliphate is part of Islamic history and many Muslims desire for its return in the Muslim world. They see this as an alternative to the corrupt and often western backed dictators of the region. A state that included both Muslims and non Muslims that brought about justice, stability, peace and the rule of law.

4) We must educate ourselves on complexities of the current political reality which is sometimes brushed over or ignored by both mainstream media and politicians.

5) Sadly what we see is sometimes a purposeful attempt to decontextualise the political reality behind these acts of violence in order to manipulate public opinion to justify further aggressive actions by western states. This doesn’t solve the problem but only exacerbates the feelings of anger and hatred that leads to a tiny ignorant minority to undertake these unislamic and brutal acts.

6) It is upto all people to not only speak out against brutal acts of violence against innocent people in Paris or other western capitals, but also condemn various states’ foreign policy that creates instability and anger which contributes towards the causes behind these criminal unislamic acts. Again aggressive western foreign policy cannot be used to justify Paris attacks.

7) Those who hate Islam and insult Islam should be dealt with in a calm manner. An intellectual response is the most powerful weapon. However if they become aggressive in their speech the best response is to ignore their aggression and not to react to them.

Finally we should not be afraid of discussing any issues with non Muslims, if we don’t know how to answer questions learn or ask someone .

May Allah keep us strong and may this message do some good inshallah

Source: S AbuLaith (Telegram Group)


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