Some thoughts on Paris attacks

1. Attacking innocent civilians whether in Paris, London, Gaza or Syria etc is completely unjustified and unislamic.

2. As of yet we don’t know who did the attacks and for what reason. Remember Anders Breivik, a Christian Norwegian rightwing nationalist, bombed and killed over 70 people mostly children. But sadly we can see many people including the media quickly jumping to conclusions as to who did it and why. We will see analysts and “experts” discuss the issue without any knowledge who will implicitly pin the blame on Islam and Muslims.

3. IF blamed on individual Muslims then such attacks will be used by western govts to deflect blame from their foreign and domestic policy towards the problem being inherent within Islam and the Muslim community. Hence they’ll claim that Islam needs to change and Muslims must do more because they are “collectively culpable” in these attacks even though Muslims are unaware of who perpetrated and do not in anyway condone and support these attacks.

4. This will radicalise the wider non Muslim community who will then increase their attacks against Islam and Muslims particularly the most vulnerable members like lone travelling Muslim sisters or elderly Muslims.

5. This will also be used to further justify an aggressive foreign policy which will only exacerbate the anger and hate that creates the problem in the first place. This is due to the fact that further bombings and killings of civilian populations in Muslim lands will forment further anger.

6. Further laws will be implemented to monitor mosques, Madrassas and the wider Muslim community. This completely misses the problem which isn’t born out of the mosques or the Muslim community. Just like Anders breivik wasn’t born out of problems stemming from Sunday schools and singing hymns at church.

7. Muslims will be told to apologise and condemn as though they are guilty and culpable unless they’ve made it clear they don’t support such criminal unislamic actions. Muslims will be told they “need to do more” to stop these attacks. No we didn’t do this nor should we be blamed for the criminal actions of others. Nor should we be asked to apologise or questioned whether we agree or not with it. Such questions are offensive as they imply we somehow quietly acquiesce to such heinous crimes.

8. At difficult times like these holding onto Islam can become difficult. But we need to maintain our confidence on the deen and express that confidence to others. Remember we don’t have anything to apologise for and our deen cannot be accused of any such crimes.

9. In fact western liberalism with its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which has killed hundreds of thousands, and the wests unfailing support for some of the worst kind of dictators like sisi, should stand accused of establishing a system not fit to protect the innocent.

10. Finally we pray to Allah swt that the Haqq stands clear from the baatil, that Allah swt provides patience and perseverance to hold onto and present the deen without compromise and to protect the innocent. We also pray that Allah swt returns the true khilafah rashida that will be a shade of true justice and an example of what Islam offers. Ameen.

Ps as advise to myself and others be sensible in your response on social media and sensitive to the current reality and not allow certain ppl to twist your words


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