…then what good is there in money? – – Muhammad Alshareef

As salaamu alaykum Khalid khan,

Yesterday, we talked about a money slave. It’s not hard to think of examples from the money slave category, right?

But have you ever met a money master?  What does that look like?

One story of a money master that sticks in my mind is about a shaykh who was doing da’wah in Russia.

He and his team were staying in a hotel when, one daythey had to go to another city to give a lecture.  The plan was to come back to the hotel the following day. The young brothers on the team, with their frugal student mentality suggested that they should check out of the hotel and take all their stuff with them to the other city.It would save them on the cost of one night’s stay at the hotel. Seeing how much hassle that would be, to pack up all their luggage again and lug all their equipment and books back and forth, the shaykh said no.

He said “If money doesn’t serve us in times like this, then what khayr is there in having money?”

I often think back to this story when I see myself holding back on spending money on something that would actually make my life easier — especially when it’s something I can easily afford. It’s hard to let go of that frugal student mentality. You see, whether we’re talking about increasing yourwealth or spending it, money is a massive mind game. Our relationship with money and the things we do that bring more of it into our lives or take it away from us — all start with our mentality towards it. And changing that mentality will change everything else.  It will change what you do, as well as what you have in your life (or don’t have) because of what you do.

– Muhammad Alshareef


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