Islamic Guidance website – some amazing thought provoking videos

Great site some amazing videos –

As-salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuhu; I went to secondary madrasah and graduated with a first class Islamic scholarship, I’ve always been shy and I was never able to deliver a lecture or even speak in front of people and having the Islamic scholarship I felt I had to do something so on the 23rd of June 2008 I opened a YouTube channel named SoldierOfAllah2 and alhamdullillah it’s now been seven years in the making and we are now one of the largest and most well-known Islamic YouTube channel consisting of over 160,000 subscribers with total views of over 11 Million video views. In October of 2014 we decided we had to change the channel name because of the current issues happening across the world, we felt our name might seem inappropriate to some, so we changed it to Islamic Guidance, the whole purpose of this channel is to help Muslims and of other faiths to truly understand and propagate the true Islam, not what the media says or what the extremist may say, but what Islam really teaches us which is in fact Peace, so we hope this channel will benefit you and me. Peace Be Upon You.

Relate unto them the stories, It’s a command from Allah SWT given to rasullullah SAW, so that they may reflect, these stories are not to entertain us, these stories are for us to derive lessons and reflect and to contemplate and to think about; to deeply reflect on them, that is what we need to do, we all claim that we love the anbiya of Allah, but if we don’t know the details of their life, we don’t know what they went through, how could we have respect for them? It becomes mandatory upon us to convey the message of the anbiya of Allah SWT and their stories, so the prophethood begun with the first man and the first prophet: Adam, calling the people towards good action, coming to the people in their time, in their language, ordering the people with the same way, O my people obey almighty God and worship only almighty God and do good actions, that’s what Abraham said, that’s what Noah said, that’s what Moses said, that’s what David said, that’s what Solomon said, that’s what John the Baptist said, that’s what Jesus christ said, that’s what Muhammad PBUH said.


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