Poem on Hijab – by Yasmin Mahomed (Aged 13)

When will you see?

What do you see when u look at me?

Do you see someone limited or someone free?

In the streets they stop and stare,

Saying what’s the point of covering her hair?

Apparently I am oppressed,

Un-liberated because of the way I’m dressed.

Uneducated without a voice,

Like the wearing of the veil is not my choice.

I’m dictated to wear it by tyrants like my father,

How about the Almighty Creator, rather?

They see themselves generous wanting to set me free,

To “liberate” me in the world of democracy.

They truly believe that they are free,

That living in the West is the key,

Do they not see that “freedom” consists of abuse and

cheating? Couples meet and embrace their eyes never meeting. They

make their own laws and morals, Between all the insignificant

quarrels, So yes, maybe the boys won’t call me a cutie, But I contain

much more inner beauty. So next time you see a sister wearing hijab,

And you drive past in your fancy Saab. She is not wearing it because

she is caged, There is no reason to be outraged, It shows her love

and fear of the Almighty Creator, The soul giver and life taker, We

are the women standing up for our cause, We are the ones that deserve

applause. Yet, the singers that show more skin than not, Are

idolised. Fear not, because in the hereafter they will surely rot.

With the will of God we will succeed, And at that time you will want

to read, Your ignorance will finally wash away, Yet it will be much

too late that day.

Yasmin Mahomed (Aged 13)


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