Knowledge is Power – Akala (Fire in the booth parts 1-3)

The only reason Akala aint the biggest and most well known rapper in this country is because his lyrics are controversial, he spits about issues that most people haven’t even heard of, and people fear what they dont understand. With his lyrical ability and flow, if he rapped about glocks, boxes of gear and doing bird he’d have blown up so huge. He’s MORE than intelligent enough to know if he went with commercial lyrics he’d stack p, the fact that he hasnt, and he’s stuck with his message, says a lot about him as a person and as an artist. Charlie Richardson

We all commit crime, Simply by paying tax Cos’ we didn’t go and tickle the people in Iraq And ask them so politely for all their minerals we extract We blew children’s heads off, Set fire to backs Were a gangsta nation get down or you get clapped, so When you see the yout’ running around on the road with heaters. Emina Huskic


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