Human Mind, Life/Death – A Perspective By Farrakh Rafique  

The more I think about the human Mind/Consciousness – how it works and methodology of information storage/recall (in this life and after life), the more it points to the world of high tech computing.  What I am stating here is based on an analogy and my own experience of being in the cutting edge high tech computing for the past 30 years.  The most important point is the analogy is based on a system which is in line with The Divine and which has a definite purpose, it is not random, the laws and processes are very finely tuned and they work.  The point is practices evident in religious dogma today are the opposite, don’t work and hence, in their ignorant ways, are not based on the Divine System. It is a paradox!

Let us begin:

Take for example the Mind (with a capital M since it’s more than the brain, much more).  When you die the physical Mind is gone just like the rest of your body. Its gets shrivelled up and then it disappears but the information and the life it has lived does NOT.  Where is that info stored? How is it recalled?  The Glorious Quran gives clues and says “it is written in a book … your hands and feet will speak/recall what you had done” etc. etc. Of course this is not literally but it is giving clues to everything we have done in this life, all thoughts/intentions, actions will be recalled.  How?  Allah knows best but this is my tuppence worth …

In computing terms I can explain it in this way.  Think about the CLOUD (computing cloud).  The cloud is a VIRTUAL concept backed by physical network of ‘intelligent’ devices, processors and storage.  Conceptually, the cloud is not new, it is an innovative idea came about a few decades ago, that works and is gathering momentum as more organisations are beginning to take advantage of it. So, for example, assuming you use cloud computing, if your desktop or laptop breaks down then your data is still preserved because it is in the virtual, somewhere in the ‘ether’ you could say.  The loss of your machine has not much impact as hardware is cheap and can easily be replaced.  The most valuable part is the information, the DATA which cannot be bought/replaced if there is no copy, complicated databases cannot be recreated!  To recover, all you do is get another machine and using the cloud you can recall all the data to get started again. Within a short amount of time you are up and running.  Of course I have simplified the process to illustrate the mechanism, in reality it’s a little more complex.

It gets even more interesting.

In the world of critical computing your data/transactions are processed and recorded on the physical machine you are working on AND  in real time your data is  copied on a remote machine (cloud if you like, we call it Disaster Recovery site). In computing, the copying process is known as DATA MIRRORING (in real time).  At any point in time you always have two copies of exactly the same data.  So in the event of a disaster, a network SWITCH simply points to  the data recovery site (in the cloud)  and you continue to work as nothing has happened. But something did happen, your network SWITCHed (though in reality it is much more complicated than that). Another point if the data at source is wrong, it will still be wrong at the destination.  To fix the destination it is prudent to fix the source to save yourself further hassle. You will know later the reason for this remark.

Just like LIFE and DEATH.

Your brain is storing all info (including thoughts and intentions) when you are alive. Concurrently, this info is also copied in the virtual.  In fact science has discovered this virtual is a highly dense and extremely intelligent network which fills the entire universe and in which every proton is known to every other proton in the universe. What we think space is not space at all. All praises to the Creator of this mind boggling network, which has been given various names but I refer to it as “The Divine Essence.” Only a tiny fraction of the universe is matter, the rest 99.9999% (recurring) is made up of this intelligent stuff in the other dimension(s).

In the event of death, a SWITCH takes you to the other dimension. This is akin to the computing network switch which takes you to the Disaster Recovery site I mentioned earlier.  Your databases are intact (remember these are preserved in the ‘cloud’ or in the BOOK) and you begin to live the info (thoughts/intentions, actions) you built in this life in the HEREAFTER. Your data is already there as it is an up to date copy of what you had done when you were alive (HEREIN). Your carrier has changed from body to the soul.  Therefore you are going to ‘LIVE’ what you have done in this world (hands and feet speaking!).  Any mistakes or deliberate wrong actions will have to be corrected (error correction) before you can enter the kingdom of HAQQ – the TRUTH, also described as the HEAVEN.  Otherwise you remain in the state of ERROR, UNTRUTH or what is known as HELL.  You can think of Heaven/Hell as the state of your ‘mind’. However unless you believe in the existence of the ONE, you cannot enter heaven until that correction is made. This is a big one, won’t be so easy after death, as it will require much soul searching; the FASTEST PATH is in the HEREIN, in this life – high speed if you like. So make the best of this life, a gift you are provided. The development and growth of the consciousness with respect to the Divine Order is a vital ally in the Hereafter as every positive action, thought/intention is rewarded.

How to correct – repentance!

All repentance (Tawba in Arabic) is your cognition to not to repeat the mistakes or hurt you have caused to your own soul.  This is why you repent in this world sincerely to correct your Mind. Tawba is not just in words, Tawba has to be backed up by cognitive correction which is then subject to further tests (to see if you repeated your errors).  The circuitry has to be re-programmed just like in computers, where the program has to be rewritten and tested to ensure it works. A half-hearted or a ritualistic effort will have no bearing on redemption.

Fearing Death?

 You should not fear death or get worried by it since it’s just a switch as your journey continues. It is your beliefs/thoughts/actions in this world that you should really be cognizant of. This is a very important distinction.  This is why Allah (SWT) says those who perform good actions have no need to fear!

Beyond belief and into the TRUE understanding of La-illaha-il-Allah

If you don’t believe in The Creator and His system of Existence and how it works (His processes and LAWS) then your journey in the hereafter will be slow and arduous, your soul will reach peace in the end but not without ‘pain’ (this is what is meant by punishment, as Allah is not punishing you, you are punishing yourself because you have failed to understand the BELIEF system and failed to follow its LAWS). It is NOT enough to just have a belief either and blindly do things, you have to go beyond belief to understand the System of Existence, in the world of YAQEEN (certainty, or pretty much nerar it). There is no god, ONLY ALLAH!  These are extremely important few words which took the Prophet (pbuh) almost 13 years to get across to people but today many people (including religious) have failed to move beyond the Anthropomorphosis of God.  To unveil ALLAH, you have to engage another part of the Mind called the HEART, otherwise you are in Stephen Hawkins territory, too much thinking not enough contemplation and FEELING, you fail to see the Divine!

There is no bearded man in the skies to find!

Control your NAFS

Be aware of Viruses, Trojan Horses and Malicious Intent

Just like viruses, Trojan horses and other malicious software can contaminate and pollute your laptop, so can your NAFS (The SELF), as it too is polluting your soul and not allowing it to be free to do the things it was designed to do.  Controlling NAFS is very hard and hence described in Islam as the greatest struggle.  Arrogance, pride, jealousy, bigotry etc. are examples of the NAFS.

Closing remarks….

This is a long topic so I will conclude now as these are my thoughts only instigated by my own background of high tech computing, contemplation and observance of scriptures brought by high calibre human beings (Prophets – peace on them all).  There is much to expand on this but I thought I share with you as Allah (SWT) system is magnificent and RECORDS everything.  This is what is meant when the Glorious Quran says “everything is recorded in a BOOK”.  Interestingly the exact word BOOK in large mainframe computers is used to denote a set of high speed registers, processors and storage built on surface called a card. This is the brain and the ESSENCE or the HEART of computing is the software. How good is this? It also points to how human Mind thinks/feels and how it is unravelling this quite magnificent verse of the Quran….

“We shall show them our signs in the universe and within themselves until it is clear to them this is indeed the TRUTH.”  (Quran, 41:53)

Scientists are unravelling these signs to get to the TRUTH. It is not surprising because a micron of the 99 attributes of Allah (SWT) is embedded in every human being (the soul) to get to the TRUTH if he/she really wants to. This is indeed Subhan-Allah and the System of TRUE BELIEF. Mankind has a long way to go still to uncover and apply the TRUTH.  Contrary to the doomsday scenarios and various religious eschatology’s floating around at present, the world is NOT about to end.  This is not my saying, this is the Promise of Allah (SWT) which I deduced from the metaphoric conversation with the Angels on the creation of the first conscious human:

And when your Lord said to the angels, “Indeed, I will make upon the earth a deputy.” They said, “Will You place upon it one who causes corruption therein and sheds blood, while we declare Your praise and sanctify You?” Allah said, “Indeed, I know that which you do not know.” (Quran: Chapter 2, Verse 30)

Mankind has much to conquer in himself to reach the glory heights of consciousness as the greatest poet of Asian sub-continent uttered in one of his most popular lines:

Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer se pehle

Khuda bande se khud pooche bata teri raza kya hai.


 “Elevate The SELF to such heights that even God, before issuing every decree of destiny, may ask you: Tell me my creation, what is your wish?”

As always Allah is the possessor of Infinite Knowledge, and The Most Just Judge.

Farrakh Rafique.

March 2015.


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