The Qatar fatness and greed is so apparent !

Thinking that Muslims from one country going to another ‘Muslim’ country for work will be treated with dignity and respect. But what do we get in Qatar ?  The south Asian Muslims are treated like slaves at the hands of their Muslim hosts.The Qatar fatness and greed is so apparent – Talk about exploitation.  Sadly it’s not just Qatar, but Saudi and others.

Sahih bukhari: Narrated Zahdam bin Mudarrib:

‘Imran bin Husain said: The Prophet said, “The best people are my contemporaries (i.e., the present (my) generation) and then those who come after them (i.e., the next generation).” Imran added: I am not sure whether the Prophet repeated the statement twice after his first saying. The Prophet added, “And after them there will come people who will bear witness, though they will not be asked to give their witness; and they will be treacherous and nobody will trust them, and they will make vows, but will not fulfill them, and fatness will appear among them.”


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