The Counter-Terrorism and Security (CTS) bill – potentially one of the most damaging legislation for the British Muslim community

Some quick Notes about how the CTS Bill (a draconian legislation,capitalising on people’s fear of Muslims) can affect us in practice:

The problem with this Bill is the definition of extremism. They can suspect you of holding ‘extremist’ ideas, if for example
– you made a zakat payment to Syria to help orphans,
– your child writes poems about injustice in Palestine,
– you attend a mosque in which they say Homosexuality is Haram and sinful
– you attend a demonstration against British army fighting Muslims
– you send a text or What’sApp message, Facebook or Twitter post about any of the above, it gives them reasons for suspicion

This is very dangerous because the idea is to change the way we think, speak about Islam until they are happy.

Problems if they suspect you:

1. Passports can be seized at the discretion of the Home Office without any notice, without any evidence for up to 14 days – if a Muslim wanted to travel to say Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh even, they can seized your passport at the airport and prevent you from flying out. They do not even need to give you any reason.

2. Exclusion order – again if you went to a Muslims country for example Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, all it takes is someone that dislikes you to tell the authorities that so and so went to this country to fund certain or support certain activities. No proof is needed, the authorities can stop you from returning for up to 2 years.

***You might even be innocent but still will be inconvenience and you will have no right to do anything about it***

3. If you are suspected, under TPIMs they can force you to relocate from where you live. So someone in East London can be forced to move to away from London and in the middle of nowhere away from friends, family and relatives.

4. They will force schools, colleges, hospitals, doctors, nurses, dentist, police, etc to report you or your children for signs of extremism.

****Eg. Clean shaven man suddenly grows a beard, a girl who suddenly decides to wear hijab, if people suddenly decide to show interest in praying fasting in schools or in the workplace, basically demonstrating any “sudden change” in religiously must indicate that this person “may be” under the influence of radicalisation.***

5. De-radicalisation – this could mean a child can be taken into social care to prevent influence of parents sending him or her to a madrasah which teaches anti British values such as homosexuality being sinful, that Jihad in the correct context is a valid concept and the rewards are as the prophet (SAW) said it to be, and other things like this.

6. Airlines will need to disclose personal info to the authorities in advance to help with point 1. and 2.

Hopefully some of these examples will give an indication as to how dangerous this Bill will be to the community, and the inconvenience it will have based on pure suspicion and not evidence. Any evidence that exist, is behind closed doors. Neither the suspect or their lawyers will have access to this evidence and therefore will not be able to make a case against it.

The problem is with definition and secrecy of evidence.


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