Golf Simulator in Manchester for practice during the Dragons Winter Season (normally Dec to Mar)

The Green Golf simulator in Manchester – Play here Dec till March as too cold to play on a real course.. top banana !!! Here’s a scenario to give u an idea of the cost.

From: Stacey Cooper
To: KK
Cc: Khalid_AG
Sent: Monday, 19 January 2015, 12:57
Subject: Re: Re: Contact Us Form Submission

Hi Khalid,

Thanks for your email. Mon-Weds before 5 is only £10/hr.

Monday hire is £20 per hour simulator after 5

With 8 guests I recommend 2 simulators for 2 hours play as although each sim can take up to 8, the games moves slowly if you’re waiting for 7 people infront of you.

2 sims 2 hours = £80

If you’d like to make a booking we ask for a 50% deposit with the remaining payable on the day of your booking.

We’re open 11-11 Monday to Saturday and 12-7 on Sunday.

Let me know if your like me to book something for you.
Kind Regards

Stacey Cooper
Sales & Events Manager
The Green
0161 228 0681

19 January 2015 at 13:06


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