Compilation of info received on PARIS – Hebdo Fiasco over the last few weeks

Here’s the other link I said I would send containing over 20 images from the last two weeks.. please let me know if I’ve missed any and I will try to upload them tomorrow.. please share this link far and wide as easier to have one location rather than sending individually etc…

Finally, a good friend Farakh send me the below which is a great reminder from Rumi

If you want a customer who will pay in gold,

could there be a better customer than God, O my heart?

He buys our dirty bag of goods,

and in return gives us an inner light that borrows from His splendour.

He receives the dissolving ice of this mortal body

and gives us a kingdom beyond imagining.

He takes a few tear drops,

and gives a spiritual spring so delicious

sugar is jealous of its sweetness.

If any doubt waylays you,

rely upon the spiritual traders, the prophets.

The Divine Ruler increased their fortune so greatly,

no mountain could bear what they’ve been given.

✿ Rumi


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