Golf Teams – Pseudo Names for Telford Potters & Stoke Lizards

My thoughts after listening to the Donny Lizards rants last night…I think its all just a lot of hot air from a group of lizards dreaming to be real fire breathing dragons like the Manc Dragons – they need to eat humble pie and not Big themselves up so much as the Bigger they think they are the harder they will fall. inn Sha Allah !!! (without their pro 👳 from Budland who cant talk the talk of course !!!).
Donny Potters train hard for the April showdown. The Dragons are happy to meet you all. To win is great of course but to have fun in a competitive way with an Islamic spirit is far greater.

The Donny Lizards had a deadline of high noon on 15/01/2015 to decide on their pseudo Names but didn’t get back so they will now be officially called by the following Disney Characters:-

The Dodo – Jaga Wada
The Agent – Itta
The Walrus – Barkat Ali
Ustaad Bambi – Ustaad Noori

For Reference purposes, the Stoke Potters are :-

Kadeer – Qadeer Ahmed
Couch – Abdutallah
Chairman – Abdul Raoof
Turtle – Shafiq
Hafiz (or Hfz) – Suhale
Doktoor – Kad
President – Zahoor
General – Zia

Tiger Khan


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