37th and Final Golf Match for 2014 Season at North Manchester Golf Club (aka Northy) – 30/12/2014

DATE/DRAGONS: 30th Dec 2014 / Khalid & Faisal

COURSE: North Manchester Golf Club (aka Northy) – http://www.nmgc.co.uk/

REVIEW: After our last match at Tempy (Lord Irwin) I had mentioned that it may be our penultimate match for this season and it seems it was. Unfortunately Abdus couldn’t make it today and I was looking forward to an easy day of practice Shactice with Turkey Matloob.. How wrong I was !! Although I won by 4 shots in the end it was NOT an easy ride.. Faisal was soaring like an Eagle all day and was 1 shot AHEAD on the 17th, but lost it on the challenging 18th hole by dropping a few shots on the revine/water hazard and I drove a beautiful 5 iron over 140 yards into the woods on the other side !. It’s an awesome course with water hazards on the 1st AND 18th holes and plenty of game changes (see videos link) as Faisal found out on the 18th when we both thought he had clinched it on the Par 3. It was one of the best matches I’ve ever played with him and a great end to the 2014 Season. I’ve been analysing my swing and corrected a few things this year and also started coaching Faisal, Abdus doesn’t need coaching as he has all that natural talent and only uses 3 clubs and no irons anyway !!

This course is easily in my top 5 of the approx 14 dragons courses we currently play at — with at least another 6 new ones to be added next season. In conclusion I’m overall DON with 7 Matches to Abdus’s 5 (Faisal won 1 match at Didy)..

Finally – I’d like to introduce a new Dragon to the Ranks.. Ali Akbar (from Ansar Finance) who will be joining us Insha Allah, but due to work commitments can only play on Sundays.. Also, he may potentially bring more dragons – welcome to our merry ranks !! Oh .. we also have a
BIGTIME match against the Telford Dragons at Malkins Bank at Sandbach (http://www.malkinsbankgolfclub.co.uk/) – Bring it on !!!

Match 37 Score: Khalid 114 & Faisal 118

TIGER KHAN is the 2014 DON at Fairy (123), Stand (116), Tempy-LI (109), Tempy-LD (110), Houldsy (114), Romiley (112) & Northy (114)
EAGLE MAMUN is the 2014 DON at Alty (93), Heaty (114), Brooky (112), Duxy (107) & Walty (107)
EAGLE MATLOOB is the 2014 DON at Didy










NORTHY_HOLE_18 (Video)


NORTHY – 9th Hole (Picture)


NORTHY – 10th Hole (Picture)


Tiger Khan


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