36th Golf Match at Temple Newsam/Lord Irwin (aka Tempy (LI)) – 24/12/2014

DATE/DRAGONS: 24th Dec 2014 / Khalid, Abdus & Faisal

COURSE:  Temple Newsam – Lord Irwin  (aka  TEMPY(Lord Irwin) in Leeds

REVIEW: Great match like the good old days.. Tiger Khan lead all the way through to around the 15th when Eagle Mamun made his characteristic comeback. Although he fought valiantly the Tiger Reigned supreme yet again winning the day by 2 shots and only a shot short of his PB. However, Abdus retains his record of 107 for this course.

Ooops sorry nearly forgot there WAS a third player, Turkey Matloob who straggled into the 18th Eighteen shots behind the winner. Funny thing is we actually forgot he was there when putting on the final hole !! This was the penultimate match for this season, however, there may be one last match on Tues where Abdus has a chance

of leveling at 6 courses each if he wins otherwise the Tiger will be 2014 Season winner by 2 matches (Inn Sha Allah)…building up to be another classic.

Match 36 Score: Khalid 109 Abdus 111 & Faisal 127

2011 Season PB’s : KHALID 108, Abdus 107, Faisal 117 and Abu 123

TIGER KHAN     is currently the 2014 DON at Fairy, Stand, Tempy (LI), Tempy (LD), Houldsy & Romiley

EAGLE MAMUN    is currently the 2014 DON at Alty, Heaty, Brooky, Duxy & Walty

TURKEY MATLOOB is currently the 2014 DON at Didy






Amazing Chip by Tiger Khan (0.5″ from hole)


Trophy Presentation ceremony for Tiger Khan



Tiger Khan





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