Dragons Golf Review – 2014 Seasons 34th Match at ALTY (Altrincham, Manchester)

DATE: 6th DEC MAY 2014, START: 11:30, END:15:00

COURSE: Altrincham  (aka Alty) in Manchester

REVIEW:  History was made in 2 ways today as Abdus broke the psychological 100 barrier for the first time on a dragons course and all 3 Dragons broke their PB’s in the same match. But there is an explanation to this minor miracle in that we were playing off Winter Tee’s AND Winter Green’s thereby reducing the overall yardage of the course from the usual 5,974 yards to around the 5,500 yard mark. Having said that putting was much more difficult although it made no difference to Abdus/Faisal as they sometimes putt 100 yards off the green on a hot summer’s day anyway ! – so they both had a distinct advantage over the Tiger who uses the PROPER club (pitcher)  for the job in hand.  Two classic and memorable moments were – Abdus Tee-ing off with his putter on the 13th !! And again Abdus declaring “it’s all over I’m out .. Practice mode”… on the first Tee before the ball actually landed !!.  In the end a classic match and we continue to play as the Indian
Summer continues.

2011-2013 PB’s : KK 107, Abdus 111, Faisal 115, Abu 130

2014 Season PB’s : KK 102, ADUS,  93 and FAISAL 106

Front  9: KHALID 58, ABDUS 52, FAIS 56
Back  9: KHALID 44, ABDUS 41, FAIS 50

Comments: Abdus 6 Pars, Khalid 2 Pars and Faisal 1 Birdie….All players beat previous PB’s due primarily to reduced yardage… KK dropped 5 shots. Abdus dropped 18 shots and Faisal dropped 9 shots

TIGER KHAN is currently the 2014 DON at 5 courses: FAIRY – 123, STAND – 116, TEMPY (LI) – 116, TEMPY(LD) – 110,  HOULDSY – 114,

EAGLE MAMUN is currently 2014 DON at  5 courses: ALTY – 93, HEATY – 114, BROOKY – 112, DUXY 107 and WALTY – 107

TURKEY MATLOOB is currently 2014 DON at 1 course: DIDDY – 110

Practice Courses:-

TIGER KHAN is currently the 2014 DON at 4 courses: BRANDY – 106, BIG WILLY’s – 99, HAWKY (18) – 82 and MARLY – 101

TURKEY MATLOOB is currently the 2014 DON at 1 course: HAWKY (9) – 54

Platinum 80-89, Golden 90-99, Silver 100-109, Bronze 110-119, Copper 120-129, Tati 130-139, Diarrhoea 140-180+

Cut-and-paste the links below to view of Overview, Matches played and the official scorecard and Vids:-

Scorecard Link:


Spreadsheet Stats:




Videos Links:









Tiger Khan


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