Massacre in Gaza by the Inhumane Zionist State of Israel

Some thoughts on the current massacre in Gaza by the inhumane Zionist state of Israel .. while the world sadly looks quietly on ….

These words to me, sum up one overriding conclusion, this is deliberate, open, mass Genocide of the Palestinian people (may Allah have mercy on us all).
The Palestinians population has diminished dramatically since the occupation and consistent FORCED exodus from their homes.

Food and crops destroyed, humanitarian aid confiscated. All this has an impact on any healthy population growth for any society. I think if someone was to do a statistical analysis of a normal population growth against actual Palestinian population growth residing on their territories, I dare say the results might be startling.

Could it be as crude as, the less people the less land they need! Whilst Israel persistently gorgeous on the occupied land, selling goods grown on Palestinian soil. ALL illegally in outright violation of UN resolutions whilst the UN and the rest of the Civilised world turn a blind eye to the present day carpet bombing. Leaving defenseless citizens to face HEAVILY armed Tanks and zealous Zionist Soldiers, to oust Terrorists?….

We all know a Muslims our greatest weapon is duah. Make it count for the Palestinian.
I agree with the brothers sentiments, more needs to be done. Time to ask the right questions, because all our world leaders have failed humanity this Ramadan… Shame on all Arab nations for not making their voices heard.

I seek forgiveness from Allah SWT for any unintentional offence I may have made in this email.

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Peace to you,

Once again Gaza is here. It returns with almost the same frequency as Ramadan. This time it has returned in Ramadan with a consummate ease. Is it conspiratorial for me to say “deliberate”?. Since 2009 this is the 4th attack on the hapless civilian population which, in the words of David Cameron, is living in the world’s biggest prison camp. What he failed to say was that the Gaza prison camp is different. Why? Because it has babies, children, women and men vast majority of whom have committed NO crime. These prisoners are INNOCENT. Yes, Gaza is Impoverished, helpless and desolate prison which is being bombed from air and sea by one of the most brutal regime on the planet. No other prison camp on earth is subject to the same fate.

No doubt once again charity dinners will be held for the poor people of Gaza to raise funds – in lavish surroundings with magnificent food and usual stories of the atrocities which you don’t need to be see at the dinner table. These are on your TV screens on a daily basis. For me the the notion of filling my belly in the wake of human atrocities is no longer an attractive proposition. But do go along and attend as it will help the cause. But this time ask the organisers to be different – a lot different and do more than just raise money, or show bombed homes or bloody bodies. Ask them to go a bit further, starting with less food and wastage.

Secondly, I happen to believe Gaza and Palestine in general is no longer an issue of money. It is about saving lives for the longer term, it is about saving their infrastructure so next year or the year after it does not face the same fate again. Get up and make a speech, be brave, voice your concerns at the continuous onslaught. Look to obtain a long term solution from your ‘leaders’, demand it. Cheering and clapping at final total should NOT be the focal point.

The focal point is long term JUSTICE for the people of Palestine. Be brave and express you views and condemn those who are committing the most heinous crimes on humanity. Lastly, don’t make this a Muslim issue, there are plenty of non-Muslims who feel the same pain as you and me. Make them aware and present Islam as a shining light for all humanity.



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