Tragic Deaths in Leicester

By: Muhammad Uwais Lunat, Leicester

You may have heard about the tragic deaths in Leicester in the early hours of Friday. I was awoken by the sad news this morning. Four members of the same family passed away. The mother Shehnila Taufiq who was in her 40s and she completed her alimiyyah studies before Ramadan. The daughter Zainab, 19 was in her final year. Bilal, 17, completed his hifz before Ramadan and was in the first year of his alimiyyah studies. Jamal, 15, was in Year 11 and was memorising the Qur’an. All of them, apart from Jamal were students of Jame’ah Uloomul Qur’an. They were all attendees of our Jame’ Masjid, living only 100 yds from the house of Allah. Their father Dr. Taufiq was a brain surgeon working in Dublin, Ireland. The father sent the the family including his wife to Leicester only for the sake of studying ‘ilm. The father would come to Leicester Friday evenings and return on Sunday to see his family. The mother recently became a supervisor at the girls madrasah and would sit in the duroos when possible even though she had completed her studies. They had immense love for the deen of Allah. Before Ramadan, I flew with my grandfather, Hazrat Mawlana Adam Saheb to Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Taufiq had purchased a property with his life savings for a masjid and madrasah. An opening jalsa took place. He was very keen for his family to complete their studies and move back to Ireland so that they could live and teach hifz and alimiyyah studies at the estate. The estate was located on a serene and peaceful place nor far from the motorway. The father, who returned to Leicester this morning, is a man of intense simplicity and would sleep in the masjid/madrasah which was also his home. He was due to return this evening (being Friday) and spoke to all members of his family an hour or so before the fire. He was in absolute shock when he was informed. When he would come on the weekends, he would tell his wife and kids that you are all students of ilm and your job is to study and he would insisting on cooking himself, feed the family and due the housework. This was despite the fact that he himseld being a surgeon would have a long week. He himself would lead salah at the new masjid/madrasah in Ireland in the absence of a permanent imam. There are many more things which I cannot fit in a message. But we pray and hope that Allah has given them rank of shahada. Not only were they on the path of ilm, but they received a death of Friday. Incidently, Bilal was due to give an anjuman bayan on death after Jumu’ah today. His bayan fully typed up and prepared was found on his place. He told his father over the phone that he just came home as he was preparing his bayan. The mother was also cleaning the madrasah hours before passsing away. Nobody had anythibg but good things to say about them. Every news channel/newspaper you could think of was present throughout the day. One of the BBC reporters who was interviewing me was in tears when I was discussing the family. A jalsa of ta’ziyah has been arranged on Saturday for brothers and on Sunday for sisters. Please keep the marhoom family in your duas, that Allah grants them firdaus. Please also pray that Allah grants Dr. Taufiq sabr jameel. 

Muhammad Uwais Lunat


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