Person Battle between my Naafs and my Ru’h

Please see below final notes on life changing experience – Allah Hu Akbar. May Allah forgive me for any errors – anything Good is from Allah (swt) my Ruh (Soul/Spirit) and anything bad from my Nafs (Ego/Shaitan’s whispers) – Allah Humdo Lilla !

This is the spirit (i.e., consciousness of God) with which Allâh strengthens His obedient, chosen servants as stated in the following verse:

“For those, Allâh has written faith upon their hearts and strengthened them with a spirit from Him.”[Sûrah al-Mujâdilah, 58:22.]

Salaams – I feel the above from the Glorious Qur’an is EXACTLY what has happened to me, starting 6th April 2013 (when in Luton for 4 days, followed by Leeds for 4 days with family)..and continuing until the day I die Allah knows best – Inn Shaa Allah..But I will only continue to be in this enlightened state as long as follow the 5 pillars of our faith and to follow the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) AND the Shahabah, Tabyeen… 5 generations – Subhan Allah, Allah Hu Akbar in my daily affairs and especially with the way that I treat my family going forward – Allah knows best.

From age 0-50 the Nafs (Ego/Self/bad thoughts, shaitan’s whispers) had control of me at a 80%/20% ratio (Allah knows the True percentage.. just putting into perspective for the Duniya. May Allah forgive me for the mistakes I made during this period, especially missing Salaah and other things I’d rather not mention here. This was the darkest period of my Life, however, I cannot praise or thank Allah (swt) enough for giving me good health (never went into Hospital once).

During that period whenever I closed my eyes, I could only see darkness (but not pitch darkness as I still had 20% of the Ruh (Spirit) allowing me have a little part of the Deen to keep me going and not make me into, for example a “so called” Jummah or even worse Eid “So called” Muslim. Their ratio must be 98% Nafs and only 2% Ruh ! – for these lost souls it’s simply Duniya, Duniya, Duniya… may Allah (swt) guide them back to the Haq.

Now into phase 2 of my life at Age 51 (for however long Allah gives me the breath to live).. The Ruh (Spirit/Soul) has taken control but the ratio has changed to 20%/80%… so my Nafs only has 20% control over me every single day (Allah alone knows the exact percentage). During this period whenever I close my eyes, I can see only pure light – Allah hu Akbar !

I have decided to dedicate the rest of my life to Dawah, because with Ruh (consciousness of Allah) in control you will have noticed a change in the way I speak and the constant flood of ideas that are flowing in. when I listen to an Islamic lecture now, I’m “really” hearing what the scholar is saying and it seems to go straight to my heart thereby strengthening my IMAN.. ALLAH HU AKBAR. The other reason for doing Dawah work is that this is EXACTLY what our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did along with the 5 righteous generations to spread our Glorious deen across the whole world and in fact this is INCUMBENT upon every single Muslim for a reason (Allah knows best) – Allah Hu Akbar.

The ONLY part of the Duniya for me to be wary about is to bring up my wonderful family and treat them in accordance with the Shari’ah and tenets of Islam. The moment that I slip, the Nafs (which at this point has been knocked for 6, like when Muhammad Ali used to blast his opponents to the floor !!) will try to fight back, but Inn Shaa Allah I will try to keep my IMAN strong and heart clean, so that I can keep the Nafs flat out on the floor where it belongs ! My beloved sports of Badminton and Golf mean NOTHING to me now, I may play occasionally as a sort of social thing but the DUNIYA will NOT control my day-to-day running (Inn Shaa Allaah) since I only think about Al-Akhira and the grave at least 20 times/day – ALLAH HU AKBAR.. this is the best way to keep that nasty Nafs at bay and to allow me to see Noor in my life every singe day, Inn Shaa Allah – ALLAH KNOW BEST.

In closing, I need to share this inspiration only with people who have a good heart and strong Iman, Insha Allah. I cannot keep this to myself as others may benefit too, especially during Dawah. I could continue writing for hours, but don’t want to bore you any further. Feel free to call me if you have any questions etc.


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