I’m Inspired by Allah because the Ruuh (Spirit) controls my Naafs (Soul)

You may think that I’m going crazy but NO. I have so much to talk to people about that has CHANGED me for the better as a person that it would take me at least one full-time work week (40hrs) to explain from my heart what I have learnt about Islam and the Seerah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by listening to http://www.tunein.com –> Islamic Lectures Centre and http://www.Salafiradio.com over the past few months (since both these stations have scholars on that ONLY talk from Qur’an and Sunnah – Al humdo Lilla).

If you know the difference between the Nafs (Soul) and the Ruuh (Spirit) then you will be on-level with what I have to say from this point forward. If you don’t have this knowledge then please just read a few comments here


.. well Before my moment of enlightenment a few weeks back.. I only had the Naafs to control my actions in the Duniyah.. well hey now I’ve been blessed and the Ru’h has interfered the equation after 1/2 a decade of total darkness, I now see the True light of the deen. – Allah Hu Akbar.

The battle between my Ru’h and the Naafs has started, but because I’m currently on a spiritual high and closer to Allah (swt) than I have been for 1/2 century – The Ru’h controls approx 90% of my actions (Allah knows best)…so that’s why my mind has blown open and buzzing like crazy with thoughts about our glorious deen and our temporary life in the Duniyah. – Allah (swt) and the Prophet Muhammad’s Seerah (pbuh)…. Allah knows Best.. Allah hu Akbar !!

Can’t wait to talk to you face-to-face… Allah knows my heart – basically I have been blessed and I only know 1 other person in the Duniyah (from Bradford uni dayz)…he told me about the battle between the Ru’h and Naafs last night and said I’m a living example of his 10 years of research.. he has also been blessed with this MASSIVE gift from Allah (swt) – Allah Humdo Lilla , Allah Hu Akbar !! Please do duas since when I met him in the hospital last night, his dad has a major stroke but on the Road to recovery.


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