Fellow Dragonz and Wannabe Dragonz !!!

Now – we need to think about new members initiation ceremony into the dragons.. it can be touch and go and not everyone pulls thru !! See phases below, not open to discussion, as my decision is FINAL.

Phase1: Existing dragons have to vote the prospective Dragon in and the decision MUST be unanimous. New member falls at the first hurdle if this doesn’t happen..

Phase2: Prior to our initiation meeting (at a place chosen by the Head Dragon (moi)) the prospective Dragon MUST go on a 12 hr fast (can’t disclose why !!!)

Phase3: The dragons meet up and I give a short speech, then prospective Dragon makes his vows (details will be provided via e-mail before the meeting)

Phase4: The prospective Dragons vows are recorded and kept in safe storage. We then shift to the restaurant toilet..with 1 dragon as guard and start the initiation ceremony. Note that the new member will be gagged and blindfolded.

Phase5: If the prospective Dragon survives, then he is automatically elevated to the rank of Junior Dragon. It takes 1 full year to become a true dragon. However the prospective Dragon must also break 100 at Big Willy’s otherwise his application will be rejected.

Please take at least 2 weeks of deep thought and contemplation before you decide. Incidentally – Abu and Vips had it easy, because I only decided on this new procedure in Jan 2013.


Khalid McIlroy
Head Dragon


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