The Financial Order

Below is a link to the Financial Triangle we live by today. As I said it is inverted as under Sharia the Wage Earners would be at the TOP of the Triangle and the OWNERS (who are above the Elite Banking layer) would be at the bottom.

I quote my mate Farakh from Leeds who gave me the DVD “The whole issue of money needs to be discussed and debated to invert this triangle (attached) to bring about a fair and equitable system where no one goes hungry in a world which has plentiful resource. The natural order is upside down”. Click on the links below to an excellent article (ECONOMIC SYSTEM OF THE GLORIOUS QURAN.doc) and the following link which explains the inverted triangle system (slides from a presentation that I attended at Farakhs house a few mths ago).

In closing we can all today see how dishonest the corrupt bankers are  – just look at how Barclays manipulated the interest rates to make trillions over the years and only got fined a mere 360 Million or so ? and this is the tip of the iceberg as they are investigating other banks too – we can never trust anyone who lives by man-made rules as they are based on greed, corruption and exploitation.

If you wish to learn more about this topic, visit – some good articles here, especially.. ” An Open Letter to the Economist” –


Khalid Khan


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