Words of Inspiration for 2011

MOBILES VS. QURAN… Ever wondered wat wud happen if we treated our Quran like we treat our mobiles? Wat if we carried it around in our purse or pocket? Wat if we flipped thru it several tmes a day? Wat if we turned bck 2 get it if we forgot it? Wat if we used it 2 receive mssgs frm the txt? Wat if we treated it lke we cudnt live without it? Wat if we gave it 2 kids as gifts? Wat if we used it when we traveled? Wat if we usd it in case of an emergency? This is something to make u go…hmm…where’s my Quran? And unlike our mobiles we dnt hav 2 worry bout our Quran bein disconnected because Allah already paid the bill.


ALLAH SAYS – Try to walk on My way, I’ll make all the ways easy for u.. try to spend ur wealth on My way, I’ll open oceans of treasure for u.. try to bear pain on My way, I’ll open the doors of My care for u.. try to believe in Me, I’ll make sincere friends for u.. try to be Mine, I’ll make everyone for u… …….Stay Blessed!


Never leave a good deed because of its difficulty, because the difficulty will eventually go, but the deed will remain forever…

 Never commit a sin because of its enjoyment, because the enjoyment will eventually go, but the sin will remain with you forever.

Ibn Al Qayyim says: “Wasting Time Is Worse Than Death, Because Death Separates You From This World Whereas Wasting Time Separates You From Allah


 Allah swt says:

 If u never felt pain or ever experienced problems, how would u know i’m a healer?

 If u never made a mistake, how would u know i’m forgiving?

 If u were never hurt, how would u know i can comfort u?

 & If your life was perfect, then why would u need me?

 Everything that happens 2 us has wisdom behind it, even though we may not comprehend it at the time.

So don’t challenge life, when it doesn’t go the way u want Patiently Accept it in yr stride with the hope of attaining reward from Allah. Swt.

 May Allah grant us taqwa, piety & sabr


اسلام عليكم‎‎

u can download suras in MP3 format at www.alafasy.com. Beautiful qirat by Shaikh Mishary Alafasy


As salaamu alaykum 🙂 peace be with you “Jazakum Allah khairun,ehsan al jazah feeduniya wal akhira ” – may Allah grant u the best of rewards in this life and the hereafter.


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