Viva Palestina – A Lifeline from Britain to Gaza

I have finally found a some time to write this e-mail.  I attended the Respect party event on Monday at Saffron Restaurant in Manchester where George Galloway, as well as some other excellent speakers gave their speeches.  The main message was to drum up support for the aid Convoy which will be leaving London on 14th February aptly named “A valentine for Palestine’.

Watch YouTube video of George speaking  in Manchester on Monday evening at  and also the heartfelt and touching speech by brother Majdy Akeel from Interpal

During my discussions with friends/relatives about the crisis in Gaza, many have conveyed the feeling of helplessness.  Well there’s no need to feel apathetic anymore as you can help by giving as much of your excess goods as possible for this convoy (inc clothing, computers, household items etc). Forget E-bay and forget Boot Sales add to this convoy and make a difference to the people who really need your help NOW.


The Convoy will grow and grow as it passes thru France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt –  and by the time it reaches Gaza there will be 100s of vehicles with aid and supplies, Insha Allah. I appreciate that many of us cannot dedicate as much time as we would like to attend marches, talks etc, however, the least we can do is help with this fantastic initiative.

Here are a few words from the man himself… (Website:

“Everyone who supports the Palestinians people in Gaza should step up their aid, activities and political solidarity. The convoy I am helping to organise to Gaza, leaving London on 14 February, St Valentine’s Day, takes on even more importance. Support it. Collect for it. Send a vehicle laden with aid on it. The convoy is designed to break both the material and the media blockade on Gaza.  “Let’s answer the BBC’s disgraceful action – taken at public expense, thanks to our licence fees – with a massive convoy of material aid and political support for the Palestinians.  We will be adding images from the convoy’s progress as we get them".


Phone Ghada on 07958 450 867 or Email Ghada at


NOTE: The collection point for items for this convoy in Manchester is Saffron Restaurant –(107 Cheetham Hill Rd).  I have asked about collection points in other major cities but not heard back as yet. Please call Ghada  on the above number for further information.

Message from (BOLTON) – check

Finally, here’s an excerpt from an e-mail that I received from Ahmed "Statement by Jewish Anti-Zionist Network on Holocaust Remembrance Day" below shows that our continued support for our brothers and sisters in Gaza MUST continue and we mustn’t become apathetic because the bombs have stopped dropping. Please visit to read the full article.


"Although the guns are relatively silent, this genocidal assault on the Palestinian people isn’t over. The siege, the lack of food and fresh water, the disease-threatening broken sewage system, and economic collapse and humanitarian crisis persist in Gaza with the full support of the U.S. , Europe and the Egyptian government. As the siege of Gaza continues, so does the slow ethnic cleansing of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the home demolitions, the building of the apartheid wall, the settlement build-up, the economic devastation of the towns and villages strangled by checkpoints, the assault on Palestinian neighbourhoods in Jaffa, Akka, Lydda, the Galilee and the Negev, the mass imprisonment of Palestinians (over 11,000), and all the large and small ways by which Israel is seeking to crush the spirit and erase the presence of the Palestinian people in their homeland.”

Mona Baker, Personal website: 


One thought on “Viva Palestina – A Lifeline from Britain to Gaza

  1. its grt wt ur doing in preston too people children r doing lots we too hv a convoy going with the shoe boxes filledwith gifts for the children and older kids hv bn doing thngs at colleges too and thngs r being done al the tm we cannot forgget wat is happening even though wer far away but nowadays even small children knw wats going on carry on with the good wrk as we al wil inshallah

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