Letter to the BBC – LOWKEY

Letter To The BBC (http://blogs.myspace.com/lowkeyuk)

I think I understand why you can never relate,
It seems even you live in fear of this terrorist state,
You say you must remain “impartial”,
But I’m sure you know that your refusal IS harmful,
Why is it partial to air an appeal?
If your son’s school was blown up I wonder how you as a parent would feel,
You say your impartial but your actions imply the opposite,
Therefore it is obvious that you support the IDF and what it did,
I guess Palestinian’s are just people you do not want to live,
Where is your conscience? Stop following the orders those monsters give,
You don’t want the truth to be seen by the eyes of the public,
Your silence is compliance, you Zionist puppet,
You suppress the truth but when there is an outburst you panic,
The IDF caused 1.4 billion pounds worth of damage,
Either you support death or you support life,
You support death if you support these organised war crimes,
The taxpayer’s will be heard you can’t stop them,
Does Israel own the strings attached to Mark Thompson?
Your silence means kids die,
To me it is clear that you have already picked sides,
You may as well have aimed the guns at these infants,
Never forget, it is we the people who fund your existence,
Now I understand why your DJ’s won’t play my songs about Palestine,
But if I have to, my career is something I will sacrifice,
Palestine’s existence is worth more than my success,
Because to them it is a matter of life or death,
You are not outraged by the killing of innocent civilians in another land,
Yet you are outraged by the antics of Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand,
I will scream Palestine till the world gets sick of me,
But it is your platform, your voice which has now lost all credibility,
If it was up to Rupert Murdoch,
Palestine would be a word the world had never heard of,
That’s why Fox News and Sky News got turned off,
If you refuse to air this appeal you too will be turned off


2 thoughts on “Letter to the BBC – LOWKEY

  1. I\’m usually not a big fan of rap music but I like, respect, admire the nerve of this kid who stands up for what he believes in. He has a great voice and awesome sound to go with his lyrics. Shame! What we need is more young bold folk like him.

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