Correspondence received on Gaza Crisis W/E 25.1.09

Here’s my regular weekly update on Gaza with excellent contributions from many people. Note that instead of sending too many documents via e-mail I have started using Google Docs. You don’t need to have a googlemail a/c or create one – simply select  View published presentation in a new windowto view the presentation or document.

Khalid Khan

From Khalid Khan (Manchester)

Farakh send some gruesome pictures that showed vividly how closely the current oppression of our brothers and sisters in Palestine resembles the Nazi oppression of the Jewish people. When I saw this it reminded me of a website I created many years ago in HTML the hard way, before all the new snazzy web development tools came into being.. oops beginning to show my age ! Surprisingly you can still view this and it hasn’t been taken down – However, I now BLOG at with regular updates on Gaza situation.

Here’s the link – check the following … ‘Nazi or Zionist – No Difference’, ‘Poem – Song of Jenin’, ‘Poem – Let’s get back to Islam’.

As you will see the Song of Jenin Poem could equally well apply to the current conflict in Gaza.

A short video summarizing the 8 years of President (for lack of better term) George W.Bush

Obama swears in ….. Faithfully.

From Sajid Khan (London)

Thank you for sharing these pictures with me……I am physically shaken at the plight of our fellow brothers and sisters…….MAY ALMIGHTY ACCEPT OUR DUAS AND BRING JUSTICE AND PEACE TO ALL THE MUSLIM UMMAH !! AMEEN

From Jamil Mohammad (Sheffield)

Excellent poem by Mirza Yawar Baig called ‘To the Israeli Soldier’ – archived at

From Mustafa Desai

Letter by Anne Candlin on "Children of Gaza – archived at

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on Sir Winston Churchill

From Saadat Khan (Preston)

Kaufman: Israeli "Nazis" Sky News Blogs

Salaams. An excellent factual email well worthy of sharing and taking 5 mins to read… Israel’s Lies- Henry Siegman – archived at

MP Gerald Kaufman has created a stir likening the Israeli attacks on Gaza with the actions of the Nazis in World War Two.

From Sakib Shaikh (Manchester)

Zionism: in their own words/Great reference. View presentation Israeli History X at


From Farakh Rafique (Leeds)

I missed this news but a Christian friend sent me this link about a Palestinian sister who lost 15 members of her family in Gaza air strike (11 children among the dead). She lives in his home town Kenilworth, Warwick and she has a restaurant in Coventry.

Here is GG’s recent speech in HoC, worth a 1000 good voices. Thanks Allah we do have some fearless people amongst us, who are not running scared and are speaking up for justice & humanity.

Here he is giving one rookie a lesson in history on his radio chat show….

Regarding the appalling decision by the BBC (and SKY) not to broadcast a humanitarian appeal for Gaza, please spend a few mins to send a complaint online at . I heard on the radio recently that they have received over 11,000 complaints already !

Feel free to use the excellent letter below as a template that Farakh sent last week. I found that one of the people at the BBC that made this outrageous decision is called Caroline Thomson (Chief Operating officer).

To: BBC Director-General,

Mark Thompson.

Dear Mr. Thompson,

Your refusal to broadcast a humanitarian appeal for Gaza has incensed me, my family and many people in my community. This is yet another nail in the coffin (literally!) for the grief stricken people of Gaza. In addition, it is another example of BBC’s blatant bias towards the Zionists which has been much evident on our screens lately.

You have recently stated, "the appeal might jeopardise the public’s confidence in the BBC’s impartiality"; what tripe! What an insult to the ordinary people who care for humanity and who want to alleviate human suffering. The BBC has lost its plot, and the public has truly lost the confidence in you caving into the Zionist Isreali lobby groups.

Gaza is dying! We must do all we can for those in dire need. You and the BBC too can play its part and get some respect back from the public which you have undoubtedly lost over the past few weeks. BE A MAN, STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!

Farrak (Leeds)

Finally, on this same topic, I received the intesting take on the BBC’s stance from a colleague below:-

One – they do have to be seen to be impartial – you will probably find that Sky News may follow suit…

Two – the negative publicity is being reported upon by the BBC themselves, thereby highlighting even more the plight of the Gaza people.

A bad analogy I know, but the BBC used to ban records in the 60’s and 70’s, only to find that the adverse publicity backfired and they went straight to Number 1….

So, provided the campaign against the BBC ban is kept up – and the Beeb report upon that – you ought to get a better response to the GAZA appeal that would be the case had they actually screened the appeal..

Bear in mind that they should still continue the anti-BBC campaign in order to the generate the adverse publicity

Just to emphasise the point of negative publicity – do you really think that Salman Rushdie and his ‘Satanic rites’ would have made him so much money without the campaign waged against him and his book by the moslem people…

Cheers, Ewen


From Mazhar Iqbal (Leeds)

Anyway, here’s another one. Would be funny if its wasn’t so tragic. "If the Hamas rockets are so lethal, why doesn’t Israel swap an F-16 for some?

Synthetic Alcohol is Not Najis – Related to remarks that the drink Rubicon is haram as it contains Alcohol. Please note that this is based Shafii ruling. Here is the Hanafi ruling, in summary, it’s Halal.

"Al Jazeera [] are doing a fantastic job in covering the conflict in Gaza and whilst the images and videos are graphic and harrowing they are showing the reality of war and are keeping this conflict in the public eye where as other news agencies for whatever reason seem to be playing down the conflict. Al Jazeera have taken an innovative and unprecedented step in allowing their footage to be used under the Creative Commons [] Licensing for people to blog, put on websites and distribute in whatever way they choose (non-profit). The repository can be accessed here:

We must use all legal means at our disposal to highlight the genocidal actions of Israel and keep this in the public eye. The news agencies can hide it as much as they want but new media is now becoming much more powerful than established media. Do you part for Palestine, no good getting angry and frustrated, channel that anger and frustration in creative (as opposed to destructive) pursuits."


Khan, Khalid Sent: 20 January 2009 22:41Subject: Sky 515 – Press TV debate shows….

Walekum Salam, Good words thank you.. Although I watched this channel regularly before the conflict, I’m mostly watching 515 – Press TV as they also show what is really happening on the ground in great detail and show some excellent debates etc. The one’s I try to watch are listed below. As you can see they have a permanent slot for Yvonne who used to host this excellent debate program on the Islam Channel, but was forced to leave because of some comments that that were aired, I believe.

Thursday 8.00pm Agenda Yvonne Ridley (

Friday 7.40pm Islam&Life Tarik Ramadan (

Sunday 8.00pm The Real deal George Galloway (

For those people that don’t have SKY, there’s no excuse since you can catch up with past debates of the above 3 at

Here are some links with regards Gerald Kaufman (Jewish MP)

"My grandmother was ill in bed when the Nazis came to her home town…. A German soldier shot her dead in her bed, he said. My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza," the MP said".

Some thoughts on the MP’s comments by Mas’ud Khan (


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