السلام عليكم ورحمة الله

Please see the pictures below sent in by Farakh that shows vividly how closely the current oppression of our brothers and sisters in Palestine resembles the Nazi oppression of the Jewish people.

When I saw this it reminded me of a website I created many years ago in HTML the hard way, before all the new snazzy web development tools came into being.. oops beginning to show my age !

Surprisingly you can still view this and it hasn’t been taken down – However, I now BLOG at

http://sz3cv9.spaces.live.com/ with regular updates on Gaza situation.

Here’s the link –

http://zip.to/khalid check the following … ‘Nazi or Zionist – No Difference’, ‘Poem – Song of Jenin’, ‘Poem – Let’s get back to Islam’.

As you will see the Song of Jenin Poem could equally well apply to the current conflict in Gaza.

Song of Jenin

Not enough tears on earth
to wash away the blood
Not enough blood on earth
to wash away the pain
Not enough faith on earth
to take away my shame

Pain in my heart
too hard to bear
Shame in my heart
for when I looked..
My brother was not there

I held up my head in pride
When the soldiers came
They never broke the man inside
Never flinched in pain,
never gave up my pride
I fought In Allah’s name
For justice I would have died

Couldn’t you hear the cries
Couldn’t you feel the pain
Didn’t you realize
The butcher was back again
Fought a tank with a stone
But never thought I’d fight alone

Pain in my heart
too hard to bear
Shame in my heart
for when I looked..
my brother was not there

Did you hear me call your name
I tried to hold my ground
But no one never came
No enemy cuts so deep
As when brother watches brother
slaughtered like a sheep

what no gun could ever do
You have done to me
I have lost much faith in you
and my heart will never be
whole or happy or healed
Until Palestine is free
Until Islam sees unity


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