Life after Death / The Angel of death



My discussions with a devout Catholic friend regarding Life after death experiences and the Islamic view on the topic. He was amazed how closely Islamic teachings related to peoples actual experiences.

Subject: Life after Death / The Angel of death

Further to this excellent article, I read that you are interested in people who have experienced a deathbed phenomenon – Here are a some personal experiences, and views from the Islamic perspective which you may/may not be aware of – it’s amazing how closely peoples experiences tie in with Islamic teachings on this matter. Although there are many many verses in the Holy Qur’an that talk about death and life-after death, I will open with a pertinent verse from the Holy Qu’ran, since Muslims believe that this life is simply a test and that death is NOT the end but the beginning (The first sentence of this verse of the Holy Qur’an is read whenever a Muslim hears of the death of another person, In arabic "Ina Lilahee wa Ina Ilahee Rajeoon").

Surah/Chapter 3 – Al-Imran, verse 185

"Every Soal shall taste death. And only on the day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed from the Fire and admitted to Paradise, he indeed is successful. The Life of this World is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing)"

Visit – and download free copy of quran by clicking on link at bottom of page – small .exe file installs on any PC. perform search on DEATH to find the other refs.

My first experience was when I was by my father’s bedside about 30mins before he passed away (JAN 1995).

My father had suffered from a serious stoke which consequently caused him to become bedbound and dependant on family for day-to-day activities. The whole family were there reciting verses of the Holy Qur’an. My father’s breathing was becoming steadily faster and louder as it appeared he was about to leave this World. His eyes, however, were wide open and he appeared to gazing at something directly in front of his face. There seemed to be a strange chill in the small room and my father appeared to be saddened by something as I looked closely at his facial expression (he could not speak for about 2years prior to this because of the stroke he had suffered). A short time later, he started to look paler and paler as his life ebbed away.

My second experience was when my Mother passed away peacefully (APRIL 1996).

Although I was not present at the actual moment of death, my mother passed away very peacefully in her sleep. Basically she had been ill earlier in the day and decided to go to bed early. In the evening of that fateful day she asked my wife, Asiya, to bring a glass of water up since she needed to take some tablets. During the time that my wife came downstairs to when she returned to my mother’s bedside – She had passed away very peacefully.

My third experience was when my Sister passed away peacefully (JUNE 2000).

She had suffered from a brain haemorrhage and had been on a life support machine for almost 1 week. We all sat by her bedside as the doctors declared that she may never recover from her vegetative state. We were again reciting verses from the Qur’an and didn’t know how long she would remain in this condition and it was very worrying for us all. I could see from the expression on her face that she was longing for something. It’s only when my niece turned up with some water called ZAM ZAM (which came from Mecca and is considered very pure and beneficial) that my sisters expression changed. My niece placed some water on her fingertips and stoked them across her lips (although she couldn’t drink). My sisters seemed at peace and slight smile seemed to show. As she passed away.. I seemed to experience a hazy image with the side of my eye raising away from her body.

The amazing thing is that approx 2 months after my father passed away ALLAH blessed us with our son, Qasim… And approx 2 months after my Mother passed away, ALLAH blessed us with a daughter, AMINA.

Muslims believe that when a person is about to pass away, the Angel of Death comes and questions the person.. "Who is your Lord, who is your prophet and did you perform the obligatory prayers". If the person had lead a good life his soul will be extracted peacefully , but for evil/wicked people this will be a very difficult time. The soul goes to a Limbo place (called Al-Barzakh) and remains there until the day of resurrection where upon everyone from Adam is questioned and God decides who will goto heaven and who will go to hell. Good souls are at peace during this time and may even visit their living relatives as Ghosts (Allah knows best). Evil Souls, however, will be punished and in a vile state until the day of reckoning.

On a closing note, when a Muslim passes away, their body is taken to the Masjid and a special prayer (called Janazah prayer) is performed. After the prayer people goto the coffin, in which the shrouded body’s face may be seen, to pay their last respects to family members and see the face. This also reminds people that this is their final destination and puts life in perspective.

I hope that my experiences and Islamic refs have been useful in some small way for your research.



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